unplanned pregnancy as a Christian womanTelling your parents that you’re pregnant can be a very stressful experience. As Christians, they likely expected you to wait until marriage.

When you tell them that you’re pregnant, they may say things they don’t mean. That’s because this is a shock to them. The first reactions your parents might have could range from being upset and disappointed to being downright angry.

Here are 4 tips to help you get through the “I’m pregnant” conversation:

1. Do Some Serious Thinking First
Do this before you talk with your parents and answer their questions. Are you ready become a mom? How do you feel about making an adoption plan? If you’re unsure, try asking yourself these 4 questions:

  • Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with being a mom?
  • Do you want to be a parent right now?
  • Is your baby’s father involved and ready to help you out?
  • Can you financially care for a child?

Once you know a bit more about how you feel, it’ll be easier to talk with your parents about your feelings and choices.

2. Find the Right Timing and Place
Saying that you’re pregnant over dinner in a busy restaurant isn’t the best time or place to reveal your news! So that you can have a calm and loving chat with your parents, pick a time and place that gives you privacy and the time to talk.

Pick a location that lets you freely express yourself without having to worry about strangers overhearing.

3. Remain Calm and Patient
If telling your parents you’re pregnant will come as a surprise, don’t be shocked if they’re upset. Stay calm and be patient as you wait for your news to sink in. Show them that you’re mature and ready to cope with the decision you make regarding your baby, and they can come to terms with the situation quicker.

4. Set Another Time to Talk
Don’t expect that you’ll be able to talk about this just once and then leave it alone. The first conversation you have with your parents about your unplanned pregnancy might not go as you wanted it to. Maybe you got interrupted, or emotions were too intense.

By scheduling another time to talk, your pregnancy news will have had time to sink in. Hopefully, everyone can begin the second conversation more calmly; you’ll all have had a chance to think more about your options.