Greg and Wendy are a very active family and love sports! Greg is a very patient and involved dad and Wendy is able to be a stay-at-home mom. They’re the perfect team, and do most everything together and are equally involved with the children. Greg and Wendy have been blessed with two biological daughters, and are in the process of a foster-to-adopt of a son. They have been praying to extend their family even more, and feel adoption is the path God is leading them down.

Greg works as a telephone lineman for a local communications company. He enjoys working outside and has great hours, allowing him to be a very involved part of their kids’ lives! Wendy loves being a stay-at-home mom, because it allows her to give their children the opportunities and care she knows is best for them. She loves being outdoors, walking, biking, playing tennis, and preparing healthy meals for her family.

They live in a brick ranch-style home in a quiet and friendly neighborhood in a small town in North Carolina. Their home has four bedrooms and a large yard. They enjoy spending lots of time outside in the yard, tending to our fruit trees, picking strawberries, or playing in the playhouse. Greg, Wendy, and their children take daily strolls around the block where they enjoy seeing and getting to know their neighbors. They are excited to add to their family through adoption!

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