1761-225x150Jeremiah and Tammy both have successful careers in medicine and are ready to start their family. They plan to raise a family honoring God and loving each other.

They’ve lived in a small town in Oklahoma since graduating high school. They love the neighborhood they live in, and their 3 bedroom home is cozy and well-maintained. Jeremiah and Tammy share, “The backyard is huge and allows for lots of fun with our dog. There is a large deck in the backyard that we use when grilling delicious barbeque in the summer. We work on the yard every week, either mowing and weeding, or expanding and replanting our flower beds. The neighborhood is well maintained and quiet. We have friendly neighbors who like to bring us fresh strawberries from their garden.”

Jeremiah and Tammy have worked in medicine for the last 10+ years. They work at the same hospital, running laboratory tests and mixing chemotherapy. They share, “…the job is fulfilling because we are helping people get better.”

They promise to love your child in a way that mirrors God’s love – unconditionally, patiently, and faithfully.  Because they believe it is important to be connected with one’s heritage and culture, they promise to follow the type of future contact you may desire with your child.

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