16 years ago, Sierra chose to make an adoption plan for her baby. At a recent service at her church for mothers, she recently shared with the congregation why she chose adoption for her unborn baby. Her testimony is powerful! You can watch it here.

Sierra and her boyfriend found out she was pregnant when she was just 14 years old. They had no clue what to do, where to go, or how to tell anybody. One night, in total desperation, she prayed for the first time. She shares, “I pled to God that my secret would be revealed so this could all just go away.” The next morning, her mom discovered the truth when Sierra wasn’t able to button her pants anymore. At that point, Sierra realized that God had answered her prayer.

She canceled an appointment for an abortion because she just couldn’t go through with it. Because Sierra and her boyfriend were too young to raise a baby on their own, they began looking into adoption.

“Now I know it was God who answered my huge prayer, and who led us to choose the right family for [our daughter] and to not abort her,” Sierra says. Today, Sierra and her daughter’s father have not only met her, but they also know her and have a relationship with her.

You can watch a video of Sierra sharing her testimony with the congregation in this video:

The Story of a Mother’s Love from Magnolia Church on Vimeo.

This young woman’s testimony goes to show you the love that the Lord has for each and every one of us. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, seek Him out and pray for the right answer.