We encourage you to read the Word of God if you get discouraged in your adoptionYou’ve decided to adopt, but things might not be moving as quickly as you’d expected. In adoption, there are snags, hold-ups, and issues that come up. Maybe a birth mother has changed her mind about adoption, or maybe you haven’t received any interest from birth mothers. These are issues that all potential adoptive parents could face. You might feel like these obstacles can’t be overcome, but the truth is that they can, with the power of prayer.

As a waiting adoptive parent, you need to believe in your prayers and that, through them, you will be successful in your journey to adopt. Some couples spend most of their marriage trying to conceive a child. Along with their struggles to conceive came heartache and fear that they’d never have a biological child. Many of those couples received strength through their prayers. Prayer is a vital part of your success in domestic adoption. I encourage each hopeful adoptive couple to use prayer to make it through.

When you’re confident in your prayer, you’re holding onto the promises that God has made. It also means putting your doubts aside and having faith that your prayers aren’t done in vain. Many don’t realize how valuable spiritual strength can be. At its core are hope, love, and faith. Having faith that God will give you the desires of your heart can provide you with everything you need to have patience during your adoption wait.

One day, you’ll be blessed with a child through adoption. And you’ll be eternally grateful when that happens. You’ll revel in the beauty of your newly-expanded family. Not only that, but you’ll also have a much stronger belief and confidence in God, and the power of prayer.