unplanned pregnancy as a Christian womanMany unmarried Christian women who are pregnant may feel guilty in their situation. Well, guilt is a God-given feeling, which brings our mistakes and faults to the forefront of our minds. It is a bitter reminder of our sins and bad choices, exposing our straying away from God’s intended path for our future.

However, shame is not from God. While guilt can convict us to repent and confess our sins to receive God’s forgiveness, shame drives us away from Him into more darkness. Shame can fool you into thinking that you are too far away for God’s loving embrace.

If you have unconfessed sin in your life, I encourage you to repent from the decisions of our past and press on towards the good future God has for you. God’s grace has the power to cover all your sins when you embrace what Christ did for you on the Cross of Calvary. You may be embarrassed and scorned by those around you. Your self-esteem may have taken a heavy beating. But, no sin is too big for God’s forgiving heart.

christian unplanned pregnancy

Melody was a pastor’s daughter who had a rebellious streak. She’d gotten caught smoking behind the church, ditching school to hang out at the park, and running around with older boys. She knew the loving arms of Jesus, but the strict rules at home seemed too tight for her free spirit.

When she realized at 17 that she was pregnant, it felt like her world came crashing down. All the broken rules of the past felt like kid stuff – this was real. The guilt and shame seemed to eat at her every day and, while she kept the news from her parents, they knew something was wrong. Melody felt as though in her heart she knew better than this, and that this was real sin on so many levels.

When she finally told her parents she was five months along and absolutely clueless how to make this right with them and with God. Rather than berate Melody, her parents embraced her with the love of God, encouraging her to first repent her sin, and then ask for His guidance in her decisions. Together they discussed options, and finally settled on a semi-open adoption with a Christian couple who were unable to conceive a baby.

It wasn’t easy for Melody, but the guilt and shame were replaced with love and concern for her baby, the couple, and God. She embraced this as part of God’s plan for her life, although it was the result of her own sinful choices.

Your unplanned pregnancy may be used as a part of God’s plan to bring joy and happiness to another couple. Your mistake can be the very miracle that God has prepared for a childless couple. There are millions of women who cry themselves to sleep every night, not knowing what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. Prayerfully consider what God wants you to do with this child and ask for His grace to help you carry through your decision.

Whatever mistakes you have made in the past, all you need to do is seek the forgiveness of God so that you can move on to enjoy the abundant life that God wants you to have. Just remember that Jesus loves you and He has a great plan for your life!

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This post was originally published on our blog on June 10, 2016.