Meet Eric and Michelle, a Christian couple in Texas!Meet Eric and Michelle, a couple who are currently stationed in Texas through the Air Force! They’d love to welcome a second child into their lives through adoption. As experienced adoptive parents, this Christian couple in Texas promise to honor your wishes for your child. Eric and Michelle will provide a safe and nurturing home full of unconditional love and with opportunities for college education. They’re open to any level of future contact that you desire.
Eric and Michelle’s home in Texas has four bedrooms, a large, fenced-in yard shaded with lush trees and an organic garden. They live in a gated community with playgrounds, a school, a children’s library, a lake, and a community center where children can take science and art classes.
“Michelle is a stay-at-home mom who takes great pride in her role. She loves cooking, gardening, riding bikes, horseback riding, walking the dog and craft projects. Michelle’s favorite activities with our son are playing outside and teaching Hunter to read. Outside of the home, Michelle volunteers with her therapy dog to help children build reading confidence, and she works as a home station medic for the Air Force Reserve one weekend a month,” says Eric.
And Michelle shares about her husband: “Eric is a career member of the Air Force, a great occupation that gives our family wonderful security. He reads to our son every day and takes him on adventures around the countryside to learn new things. Eric enjoys spending time with our son, playing roller hockey, riding bikes, grilling, tinkering with his truck and volunteering. He currently volunteers for the Red Cross. My favorite thing about Eric is that when he smiles at you, he means it.”

Here’s Christian adoptive couple Eric and Michelle’s adoption video:

Texas Couple Look Forward to Adopting a Second Child! from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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