Meet Paul and Lauren, a young, God-loving couple in Minnesota! Meet Paul and Lauren, a young, God-loving couple in Minnesota! This Christian couple loves weekends at the cabin, cooking, and sports. Paul and Lauren are so excited to become first-time parents through adoption! They look forward to bringing their children to sporting events, to the cabin in the summer and to church with their families. Paul and Lauren are open to future contact through pictures, letters, and visits.
Paul works in Computer Hardware, and Lauren is a Medical Assistant and College Instructor. Paul and Lauren’s home in Minnesota has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Their fenced-in yard is perfect for their dogs and future children. Paul and Lauren’s neighborhood is pretty quiet, even though they live in a city.
“Lauren is the most maternal woman I have ever met! She has wanted to be a mom her entire life and has so much love to give to a child.  Lauren has an immeasurable amount of love for Jesus that blows me away every day. Lauren is so passionate about everything important to her, especially family. She is excited to be a part of our children’s big milestones, to teach them how to play sports, and how to love God,” says Paul.
And Lauren shares about her husband: “Paul is the most hardworking, God-fearing man I know. He is sensitive and caring. Paul has always expressed the desire to be a father and has always had the desire to adopt. He has incredible love and patience which I know will make him a great dad! Paul loves family and will do anything for his. He is my best friend and one of the most dependable people I know!”

Here’s Christian adoptive couple Paul and Lauren’s adoption video:

Young God-Loving Couple in Minnesota Hope to Adopt from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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