David and Leanne are a Christian couple in California hoping to adopt again!Meet David and Leanne, Christian couple in California who are involved in their church! They’re looking forward to adopting another child into their family. David and Leanne adopted their son, Paxton, at birth and he’s two years old now.
David is the Executive Director of an assisted living facility, and Leanne is an Academic Technology Coach who works part-time. They love the simple things in life, such as working on their vegetable garden, playing in the backyard with their son, and exploring new places in beautiful California. David and Leanne’s home in central California has five bedrooms, a playroom, and a large backyard with a yearlong vegetable garden and fruit trees.
“Leanne is a caring, loving, and committed mother and wife. Her compassion is evident in her career as a teacher, implementing technology into the classroom benefiting both teachers and students. Once we adopt, she’ll be a stay-at-home mom for our children. I’m so grateful to Leanne for creating a wonderful home environment, where we all thrive and enjoy life to the fullest,” says David.
And Leanne shares about her husband: “David is a loving husband and a giving father. He wants to take care of everyone around him and works hard to provide for our family as an executive director of an assisted living facility. David is a wonderful father to Paxton and celebrates every one of Paxton’s accomplishments. David is looking forward to sharing life experiences and encouraging your child to find his or her passions in life!”

Here’s Christian adoptive couple David and Leanne’s adoption video:

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