Chris and Kristi say, We’re delighted to be able to share Florida adoptive couple Chris and Kristi’s journey to adopt their son, Brodie! They write:
“Adoption meant the chance to finally have the family we had been praying for and longing for. We arrived at the decision to adopt in 2014 after two miscarriages and the loss of three babies. We had accrued some financial debt as the result of all the fertility treatments so we weren’t able to join up with Lifetime until 2015.
We were on every adoption webinar that we could possibly attend via conference call and waited for a long time for God to answer our prayers. God showed us that adoption is in His timing and not ours as we had a couple of other hiccups that occurred as we waited for Him to reveal His plan to us.
In February of 2017, Natalie called to tell us that Lifetime was extending our contract time at no additional fee. Natalie told us she believed in Divine Intervention and to trust that something would happen. We wondered if this was God finally telling us that we needed to move on. We continued to pray for guidance and decided that if nothing happened by October we would move on.
Kristi and Chris' Christmas card photoExactly one month and one day later on March 2, 2017, Tiffany called Kristi at work to tell her that a birth mother wanted to talk with us! After a two-hour phone call with our birth mother, we were matched late that night and our beautiful son Brodie was born on May 12, 2017. Natalie had been right, Divine Intervention had happened, with a little help on the way.
Our family was very supportive of us. We did have some curious questions along the way about the process but once we explained it the support just increased. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin were among the first to welcome Brodie home.
We maintain contact via text, Facebook, pictures, and yearly visits with Brodie’s birth mother, who we refer to as our Angel. We cannot thank you enough for all that Lifetime did to help us get to our Brodie!”

We rejoice for those times of problems and trials because they helped us to endure.
-Romans 5: 3-4