Meet Chad and Julie, a God-centered Missouri couple excited to begin their family through adoption! “We enjoy being outdoors, hiking or playing all types of sports, especially volleyball and basketball. We also like doing home projects and crafts together and playing board games with family and friends. We enjoy nightly walks with our dogs and hosting family gatherings!” say Chad and Julie. They’re excited to become parents to your child, and can’t wait to show them all that life has to offer!

Christian adoptive couple Chad and Julie

Chad works as an Environmental Solutions Manager, and he’s outgoing, fun-loving, responsible, and laid-back. He’s able to work flexible hours, which will allow him to be home on nights and weekends. Julie loves her work as a first grade teacher, and looks forward to having holidays and summers off to spend with your child. They’ve been married for eight years, and are truly best friends!
They share, “Our faith is important to us, and after years of trying to start our family, we believe strongly that God has led us to adoption…We are a Christian family and look forward to raising our child to share our faith in God. Throughout the adoption process, we see our faith growing stronger than ever. We know we’re meant to be on this path, and we are so excited to become parents together!”
Chad and Julie’s four-bedroom home in Missouri is next to an acre of beautiful woods and a flowing creek. They’ve already set up the nursery…it’s ready to go for a boy or a girl! Chad and Julie’s finished basement will be perfect for a toy room and lots of play time! They really enjoy the family-friendly neighborhood they live in, and there are several parks nearby.
They promise your child will be loved unconditionally in their family, and to pass on their values of faith and education. Chad and Julie will encourage your child’s interests and strengths, and help grow his or her talents and dreams. If you’d like, they’ll honor an open adoption with you and would gladly share updates through letters, photos, or occasional visits. “We will always consider you a loving, special part of our family’s story!” say Chad and Julie.

Here’s Christian adoptive couple Chad and Julie’s adoption video:

Active Missouri Couple Would Love to Start Their Family Through Adoption! from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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