Meet Sean and Gayla, a faith-filled Texas couple excited to expand their family through adoption! “Our hearts and home are full of love, and we are looking forward to expanding our family through adoption! We will provide your child with a strong education, financial stability, and a faith-based household,” say Sean and Gayla. They’re already dedicated parents, and would cherish the opportunity to share their love with your child through adoption. Sean and Gayla hope to keep an open relationship with you, including phone calls, emails, visits, and ongoing communication!

Christian adoptive family Sean and Gayla

Sean works as an Engineering Director, and he’s kind, patient, calm, and funny. He’s a loving father and is looking forward to sharing his life with another child. Gayla is an Investment Advisor, and has a flexible work schedule which will allow for her to be home with your baby. They’ve been married for 22 years, and together they enjoy being active, walking their dog, riding bikes, and swimming.
They share, “We are faithful Christians. We have devoted our lives to God and attempt to follow Christ’s example. In conjunction with our belief, our family participates fully in our church. Our kids are active in the youth group. We are mentors to the teens, teach Bible classes to the toddlers, and are members of Bible study groups. Through Christ’s teachings, we are called to help those in need through participation in missionary ministries both in Texas and in Nicaragua.”
Sean and Gayla’s four-bedroom home in Texas has a fun playroom, a yard, and a pool. They live close to a neighborhood park and are within walking distance of great schools. Sean and Gayla enjoy being active; in their area, there are many sports and outdoor activities for both adults and kids.
They promise to fully love, support, and protect your child. Sean and Gayla will share their Christian beliefs with your child and will always do their best to provide him or her with strong examples of Christ’s kindness, love, and generosity of spirit. “We value education and will do our best to provide your child with an education that will allow them to grow with self-assurance. We also believe children need the freedom to explore their interests, and we will always encourage them to express themselves as individuals. As parents, we will be front and center to cheer them on, and participate in their lives.” say Sean and Gayla.

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