"...whoever welcomes a child like this.... welcomes Me."

Josh & Megs

We are so excited to become parents through adoption! Adoption is already a part of our story; Josh was adopted, as was Meg's father. We look forward to sharing this special bond with our future child, as well as our strong faith, supportive family, and love for music and sports. We'd like to get to know you and welcome an open adoption, if you'd like. Hope to talk with you!

Rob & Michael

We are so thankful you have made this courageous decision to bring your child into this world in order that he or she may be afforded the greatest gift of all, life.  We hope you consider our family worthy of loving your child.

We are grateful for the opportunities God has given us, particularly the blessing of adoption.  It has been a dream of ours to form our family through adoption and we are ecstatic to be on this journey again.  We look forward to providing your child a loving family, supporting them in all that they do, and we are praying for you and your baby!

Shad & Jennifer

We are from Indiana and open to visits, letters, and photos! We enjoy being active outdoors and traveling! Shad met Jennifer as a widowed mother and we have hoped to provide Cecilia with a sibling since we wed. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and open our arms to your child!

Matt & Jen

Hi from Washington! We are a fun, loving family of three ready to grow our family through adoption! We love to go on bike rides together, spend time with family and friends, and hang out at home together. We are excited to share our love of music, baseball, and family with your child, and look forward to sharing pictures, letters and visits with you!

Bryan & Ally

Hello from lovely Alaska! We are Bryan and Ally and we are thrilled to become first-time parents through the joy of adoption! We are excited to share our faith in God, passion for family, and our love with your child. We are thrilled for the opportunity to help them pursue their dreams, support them in their passions, and teach them all that we know. We are open to visits!


I am so excited to begin my journey as a first-time mother. Some of my favorite things to do are camping, going for walks, shopping, and reading. Family is incredibly important to me, and I look forward to welcoming your child into mine and supporting them as they grow! I am open to visits!

Chad & Heather

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us! Here in Nebraska, we are a down to earth, energetic family of two. We are elated to get to know you and welcome your child of any gender or race into our family. Family is so important to us and we are excited to grow ours through the joy of adoption. We look forward to sharing our faith and love of sports with your child while keeping in touch through letters, pictures, and visits with you!

Matthew & Kara

Hello! We are a young, energetic, and easy going couple from Pennsylvania who have been together for almost 10 years! After overcoming a cancer diagnosis then infertility, we are SO excited to start this journey of becoming first time parents through adoption! We are open to pictures, updates, and visits, or whatever your level of comfort may be.

Brian & MaryAnne

We are a loving Arizona couple excited to add another bundle of joy to our growing family through adoption! We enjoy going on trips to our local zoo, exploring the mountains, visiting the ocean and seeing friends and family. We are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits with you to your comfort level.

Josh & Becky

Hello! Adoption is a big part of our life and we believe it should be celebrated. We plan to be very open with our child about their story and how you are an important part of it. We are really excited to grow our family through adoption and to have the opportunity to love, nurture, and share our adventures with your child. We are open to any race or gender, even twins!

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