“…whoever welcomes a child like this…. welcomes Me.”

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A Letter from Austin & Caiti

Hi! We’re so grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We’re Austin and Caiti!

We live in the beautiful state of Michigan with our dog, Luna, and are SO excited to start our family through adoption! As parents, we look forward to giving your child a loving, stable home, fun memories, and activities, with God and family at the center. We’d love to stay connected with you, whatever your comfort level is. We hope we have the chance to get to know you more!

About Us

We met through a mutual friend, quickly became best friends, and fell in love; the rest is history! We’ve been married for 5 years now, have built a life together that we truly love, and can’t wait to share it with your child (and you!). We’ve always wanted to adopt, and after 4 years of infertility, we’re excited to start the adoption process.

Things we love…
• paddle boarding
• traveling
• time with family & friends (especially on Lake Michigan!)
• cheering on the St Louis Cardinals baseball team
• cooking healthy meals together
• movie nights

We are excited to share our passion for music, creating, family time and traditions, and our wonderful community. Most of all, we look forward to the everyday moments as a family, like movie nights, bedtime stories, and baby’s firsts.

Meet Caiti (by Austin!)

Caiti is the most intentional, compassionate, and authentic person I have ever known. She’s self-employed as a contracted Worship Leader at our church and a Network Marketing Affiliate. She exemplifies her love for God and people in both roles, and I love watching her use her gifts to lead and serve others. She loves spending time with family and friends, is active, playful, and so fun to be around! She loves spending time with our dog Luna, exploring new places, baking sourdough bread, thrifting, and being outside in the sun whenever possible. Caiti is also loving, wise, a great listener, and someone you can easily talk to. She will do an amazing job teaching our child the love of God and the importance of great relationships. She is going to be an incredible Mom.

Meet Austin (by Caiti!)

Austin is the most kind-hearted, hard-working, and grace-filled man I know. He’s the Director of Production at our church, and I love watching him use his gifts to serve others. He enjoys being active, spending time with friends and family, reading, and learning all he can about nutrition. He’s also a talented musician who can sing and play the guitar, piano, and drums. He can’t wait to share his love of music with our child! Austin’s compassion, patience, gentleness, and determination are just a few reasons I know he will be an incredible dad. I know he will love our child and teach him or her the importance of loving God, loving others, and how to tackle any obstacle thrown their way.

Our Family

We both come from tight-knit families.

Caiti’s family (top picture) is local. We hang out often, go to the same church, go on vacation, and celebrate holidays and birthdays together.

Austin’s family (bottom picture) lives farther away, but we talk, text, and facetime often and try to get together several times a year.

Our families are SO excited and supportive of our adoption. They can’t wait to welcome your child into our family and shower them with so much love!! Plus, our nieces and nephews are excited to have another little cousin to play with!

Our home in Michigan

We live in a two-story 4 bedroom home in the country. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe with family close by. We have a large yard that’s perfect for running and playing. There’s a peacefulness we love about living in the country, but we also love that we’re only minutes away from two major cities where there are a lot of things to do (children’s museums, libraries, parks, zoos, etc.). Caiti’s parents also live with us so your child will have a built-in Nana and Papa just a few steps away!

Our promise

We promise that your child will be loved, accepted, and cherished unconditionally! We will give them a home where they’re safe, supported, and given every opportunity to explore his/her interests and passions. We promise to be there for them in the big and small moments of life; to be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a voice to comfort, encourage, and guide.  We will make sure that your child knows how loved he/she is by you, by us, and most importantly by God. We will teach them about God’s love and share with them our passions for music, health, and caring for others. We will ensure they know the beauty of their adoption story and heritage, and promise to always talk about and treat you with love and honor.

We’re truly so grateful to you and the trust you’ve placed in us. We want to respect whatever level of openness you feel comfortable with in our relationship. We’re praying for you!

–Austin and Caiti

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Austin & Caiti

  Austin Caiti
My EducationBachelor of ScienceBachelor of Science
My ProfessionsDirector of ProductionSelf Employed
My Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Austin & Caiti's Favorites
HobbyMusicThrifting and trying new sourdough recipes!
Activity in our cityExploring the food and coffeeGoing for walks and paddle boarding at our local lake
Genre of MusicIndie Rock/PopDepends on the mood, but surf rock, indie folk, or anything inspired by 70's/80's rock and R&B
FoodMediterranean or ThaiThai or Indian
Holiday and whyChristmas because of the traditions we celebrate as a familyChristmas because the decorations and time with family and friends
MovieInterstellarIt's a Wonderful Life
Place to vacationMexicoLake Michigan or any National Parks
More About My Family
What matters most to us

Our faith in God and showing His love and kindness to everyone
Our family and friends
Having a home where you are seen, heard, loved, and safe to be yourself
Being honest, generous, and showing respect and patience
Having the courage to try new things and learn from our mistakes
Listening to and learning from others
Saying "I love you" and showing it
Saying "I'm sorry", being gracious, and practicing forgiveness
Being active, taking care of our bodies and minds, and making it fun!

Fun facts about us

Austin is a fraternal twin to his brother.

Caiti spent 3 months in Eastern Europe after graduating college, where she volunteered at two different community centers for at-risk children.

We both have family members who have been adopted, one being Austin's dad! So we have already been blessed by adoption and are excited to step into it ourselves!

Things we are excited to share with baby

Our community! We can't wait to share the love from our community with your baby (and you!). Our friends and family have blown us away with love, support, and excitement for the arrival of this little one. You both are already being prayed for and are so loved! And we believe having a loving, supportive, and diverse community is so important when raising a child.

Our family traditions and trips! We spend a lot of time with Caiti's family, on vacations, weeknight hangs, and weekend family sleepovers or on her parent's boat in the summer.

Our special interests

Austin has always been a history buff. He enjoys learning about what has happened in the world to get us to today and things we can learn from the past.

Caiti's very interested in mental health/psychology. She loves reading about how the brain develops and works and ways to support mental and emotional wellness at every phase of life.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old


Yes. Austin is a twin, so we would be thrilled to welcome twins into our family.


Any gender.

Sibling Group

Yes, up to the age of 3.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We're thrilled to start our family through adoption and look forward to sharing our life with your child. We promise to raise them in a loving, fun, and nurturing family and hope to stay in contact with you through letters, facetime, and/or visits. Whatever your comfort level is. We hope to speak with you soon!

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