“…whoever welcomes a child like this…. welcomes Me.”

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A Letter from Jaime & Diana

Hello! Hola! Thank you for considering us for you and your baby. We are looking forward to welcoming you and starting this journey together.

We are Jaime and Diana. We hope our profile gives you a glimpse of us, our heart, our life and who we are. We have had adoption in our hearts since we were both young. When we got married, we knew that adoption could possibly be the only way we’d be able to build our own family. Shortly after we began the process to adopt, Diana miraculously became pregnant with our daughter. Parenthood has been such a blessing to us, and our desire to adopt remains very strong. We are excited to grow our family through adoption!

About Us

We have been happily married for 7 years now with our daughter, Joy. We have 2 dogs named mini and mocha.

As a family, we love movie nights, love to explore, and adventure. We try to go make family time a priority by spending the weekend together doing activities together like the zoo, park, play places, restaurants, farms, or local festivals. We also love to travel! We love meeting new places and exploring new cities.

As a couple Jaime and I love to do DIY projects! We have renovated our own house ourselves little by little!  We also enjoy being in nature and being outdoors. Locally, we go bike riding at the beach, kayaking, or paddle boarding. But we also love simply staying in at home to spend quality time and be in pajamas. We love to make each other laugh and always try to laugh. We love Jesus! Our lives revolve around our faith. Diana is a graphic designer and photographer at our church. Jaime is very involved too, he volunteers and serves in the worship team and student ministry at our church.

We are so eager to welcome your baby into our lives and embrace him/her and make them part of every special moment.


About Jaime, my husband

Jaime is honestly and hands down the most hardworking, loving, caring, selfless, humble, and goal-getter man I know. He is timid at first, but he is loyal in friendships, relationships and anyone who he cares about. Jaime’s personality is laid back, but can be very funny when he warms up. He is very driven, organized and loves adventure & adrenaline! He currently leads our real estate investment company and  house flipping business. He loves architecture and home building,  he is very mathematical and logical, and is very competitive in any game (especially dominos!).

He is an amazing father. He brings the tickle attacks, monster chases, and the hide and seek games. He is also the hairstylist of our little Joy. He loves teaching her how to be independent like brushing her teeth, bathing herself, changing herself, and trying new things on her own. He is a protector, provider and great example of a man and father. He hopes he can be that and more for your baby. He is so ready and can not wait to hold his new son or daughter.


Fun Facts:

  • Jaime grew up in Long Island, but his parents are Dominican.
  • His favorite board games are: Sequence, Dominican dominoes, Monopoly
  • His favorite drink is homemade lemonade


About Diana, my wife

Diana’s personality is very friendly, welcoming and loving. She is a loyal friend and will extend a helping hand to anyone. She is humble, nurturing, loving, patient, and loyal. Diana is also the fun in the room, always brings life to the party. She loves to host friends and family and embrace them.  She is also a very creative person that loves art and design too! Diana loves to  go to museums, watch documentaries, lear about history, be outdoors and enjoys nature. She currently works at our local church as a graphic designer and photographer.

She is also a super mom!  She is so dedicated and a nurturing mother, who loves teaching our daughter  educationally and emotionally. She was a teacher for 5 years so teaching is in her. She thinks of the best ideas to educate Joy and plans the most fun adventures and trips for her. She is also very caring and patient with our daughter.  She is an excellent example of a loving mom. I look forward to raising another child with her! She prays every right for you and your baby, I pray you get to meet her soon too!

Fun Facts:

  • Diana was born in Miami, Florida, but raised in Guatemala. Both of her parents are Guatemalan, and her siblings still live there.
  • Her favorite drink is an iced matcha,
  • She loves tiramisu (she gets one at every restaurant she visits and rates them!).

Our Home in Florida

Our home is in the sunny state of Florida, in a gated community. Our community has a beautiful park we visit often. Joy and her future sibling will enjoy it and make many memories together. One of our favorite things about our neighborhood is how welcoming our community is. We have sweet neighbors that love us and love our daughter and will love your baby too. We also love the calmness and safety. We have a 3 bedroom house, ready to welcome another child. We have bought everything gender-neutral and are waiting to put the accent colors on the nursery, once we know if we’ll adopt a boy or a girl.

fun fact:

  • We also have 2 chihuahuas, Mocha and Mini (who love to cuddle!)
  • Our home is near schools and a library.
  • We go to Disney often our city isn’t to far from it

Our Daughter and Family

Joy is our very silly and loving daughter. She is four years old and is very gentle with babies and children. She is empathetic and a feeler. She really lives up to her name because she is always so happy. She is beyond ready to be a caring older sister. She is always asking about her new brother or sister. When we go to stores and she spots a baby outfit she asks us to purchase it! She always has your baby in mind.

Fun Fact:

  • Her Full name means : God heard our prayer therefore He gave us joy. We plan to pick a special and meaningful name for your baby too.

Our sides of the family is big! Both of our families are very supportive of adoption and are happy for us!  Our favorite get together is Christmas. We do a big Christmas party where all the cousins get together and have a blast!  Sundays are our church and family day, on which we visit grandparents and other family members. Grandparents from both sides of our families are pastors. They are fully supportive of adoption, and excited to meet the child we will be blessed to adopt. They have also had you and your baby in mind and prayers. They can not wait to be grandparents again.

Fun Fact:

  • Jaime has 7 siblings
  • Diana has 3 siblings

Our Promise to You

Our promise is to embrace your child with all of our hearts, as a son or daughter, to raise him or her in the ways of the Lord Jesus and demonstrate faith well. We promise to be an example of a healthy marriage and family, to provide a home full of joy and love, and all he or she needs materially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We promise to give the best of ourselves to set your child up for the brightest future possible. We will pray for and love him or her unconditionally. We also promise to pray for you! We promise to share who you are to your baby and always remember you. You are a blessing to us too! We can not wait to meet you. We pray that God touches your heart and you feel comfortable to choose us. It will be an honor!


Queremos darte las gracias por tomar el tiempo y leer mas acerca de nosotros. Queremos que sepas que nuestra promesa es amar a su hijo/a con todo nuestro corazón como si fuera nuetsro/a. Prometemos criarlo en los caminos del Señor Jesús y demostrarle fe. Prometemos ser un ejemplo de un matrimonio y una familia saludables, brindarle un hogar lleno de alegría y amor, todo lo que él o ella necesite materialmente, emocionalmente, físicamente y espiritualmente. Prometemos dar lo mejor de nosotros mismos para preparar a nuestros hijos para el futuro más brillante posible. Oraremos por él/ella  y lo amaremos incondicionalmente. ¡También prometemos orar por ti! Prometemos compartir quién eres con tu bebé y siempre recordarte. ¡Tú también eres una bendición!

We are looking forward to meeting you soon! If you’d like, we will share updates and an ongoing relationship with you after the adoption. To contact us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Love, Jaime and Diana

Learn More About Jaime & Diana

  Jaime Diana
Our EducationBachelors in Vocal performance and Bachelors in Music teaching Bachelors in Elementary Education and minor in Graphic Design
Our ProfessionsRealtor and Music Director at our church Graphic Designer and Photography
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian/ Hispanic Caucasian/ Hispanic
Some of Jaime & Diana 's Favorites
What is your favorite Holiday?Ones with days off .... and Christmas! hahaChristmas is definitely my favorite. I honestly love everything from fall to winter.
What is your favorite genre of music?Christian GospelChristian pop and worship
What's your favorite drink?LemonadeMatcha
What's your favorite ice cream flavorPistacchio Coffee
What's your favorite snack?Sunflower seeds, popcorn, sweets (like gummy) Cashews, popcorn, guacamole and chips, pita chips and hummus
What's your favorite place to store?Home DepotTarget!
What's your favorite season?FallFall
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Diana loves to learn about history and documentaries. She loves to read national geographic magazines or research on different subjects. She also is an entrepreneur. She owns a small philanthropical business that helps Guatemalan families. She helps hand-crafters sell their products and have a batter life style. She is also a public communicator, who speaks at conferences.

Jaime loves music. He is a song writer and composer, he mainly creates worship music. He has a love for architecture, and building houses. He is the owner of a thriving house flipping company here in Florida. He loves to be busy and active. His favorite sport is baseball. He played it as a child too.

Our Faith

We are both dedicated Christians. We both work for our local church and are in full time (Diana) and part time ( Jaime) ministry. Our second home is church and our daily life is building relationships with people and pointing them to Jesus. We love to serve and show our community the love of God.

Both of our parents are pastors and lead their own churches. We were both brought up in the ways of the Lord. Jesus and our faith has been very present from an early age. Our immediate family are also believers. We have a strong sense of faith and unity, because God is at the center.

Our Musical Interest

We both love a little bit of everything!

To spend time with God: Elevation Worship, Gospel, Maverick City, or Spanish Worship

Long Car rides: Disney music or cocomelon of Joy is joining us. If we are alone, 90's music!

If we are working out: we love to listen to Camilo, Justin Bieber, Elevation Worship Rhythm Album, Musiko, Funky, and all upbeat positive music.

About Our Home

Our home is a cute Florida home where it is sunny most of the year, with beaches, nature parks , and trails. We live in a quiet gated neighborhood were mostly young families with kids live. We make a lot of trips to our community's park, where there is kids and other parents. We love to take walks around our community and talk to neighbors.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


Either gender!

In Closing

We are grateful to be considered as you make plans for your baby's future. If you're comfortable, we welcome the chance to share an open adoption with you. You will always be a special part of our family's story! We'd love to answer any questions you have, and we're praying for you as you decide what is best for you and your child.

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