Christian adoptive couple Alan and Sarah>Alan and Sarah are a devoted couple who enjoys spending quality time together. They enjoy learning about the world and experiencing different cultures by traveling to new places both domestically and internationally every chance they get! They share, “We’re excited to expand our family experiences through the gift of adoption and share a lifetime of love and laughter!”

After 8 years of marriage and 7 years of infertility, Alan and Sarah believe God has led them to the miracle and privilege of expanding their family through adoption. They pray daily for their future children and are ready and excited to become parents!

Alan works as an Equipment Manager and Sarah’s a Vision Services Coordinator. Both will take leave from work once they adopt. Alan has 2 to 4 weeks of paternity leave and then will return to work full-time. Sarah has 6 to 12 weeks of maternity leave so she’ll have plenty of time at home to bond. After that, she’ll return to work full-time during school months and part-time during summer. They both like to fish, go on bike rides, and kayaking on the river.

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