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The decision to pursue Christian open adoption is a life-changing one. You have undoubtedly done a significant amount of research to get this far. Others in your life might not have the information they need to help support you through the process. We provide articles and resources to help you be informed about all aspects of adoption. Please take advantage of this rich selection of Christian adoption topics.

How Do We Get Our Family On Board

Open adoptions are the most common type of adoptions in the United States. As of present, about 80 percent of all domestic Christian adoptions are open. Still, most people, especially those from older generations, view adoptions as closed affairs. They do not understand how open adoptions work. Read More >>

Birth Mother Grief

It is only natural for a birth mother to experience a sense of loss when she chooses to give a child up for adoption. The grieving process is not a bad thing. Though difficult, it is healthy for the birth mom to allow herself to feel that pain. Still, that doesn’t make the pain any less real for both the birth mom and the adoptive parents.  Read More >>

Talking to a Child About Adoption

Children are never too young to learn about their adoption. In fact, the earlier you start talking about adoption, the more comfortable your child will be with the word. In a Christian open adoption, the sheer presence of the birth mom should be enough to normalize the situation in the child’s life.   Read More >>

Teens and Open Adoption

Every teen desires acceptance. They want acceptance from their peers, their teachers, their church and their families. This is especially true of those teens whose families were built through Christian open adoptions. Those teens want more than anything to feel accepted by their adopted family as well as their birth parents.   Read More >>

Preparing for the Hospital

The hospital visit is the first time you will meet your child. You have been anxiously waiting for this day for what feels like an eternity. You have been praying that your Christian adoption will lead to the family you have always wanted. Have you prepared yourself fully for the time at the hospital?    Read More >>

Family Tree at School

Building a family tree at school teaches children about history and culture as they related to their own family. However, children from non-traditional families face a difficult project. A child who is raised by a single parent, a foster parent or who is adopted may feel singled out and ostracized. Read More >>

Native American Adoption

Christian adoption is a true blessing. Parents and children alike are brought together to grow and learn from one another. This process is not a simple one. Every adoption requires a great deal of time, patience and understanding of the legal system. This is never more true than with Native American adoption.  Read More >>

Talking to Kids About a Sibling

A Christian open adoption allows a child to become acquainted with his or her birth parent. The child can ask questions about the past. That child can learn about why the adoption occurred. The adoptee can share hopes and dreams with the birth mother, which has been shown to be healthier for both of them. Adoptive Christian parents love and encourage this relationship, but what are they to do when there are siblings in the picture?  Read More >>

Stay in Touch With Birth Grandparents

The most important ingredient to any successful family is love. Families created through Christian adoptions may feel their children need even more love, from more places, than most. They may decide to expand contact with the biological family to include birth grandparents. Read More >>

Getting Back in Touch

The defining characteristic of a Christian open adoption is the relationship that is cultivated between the birth mother and the adoptee. While preparing for adoption, the two families create a contact agreement that specifies how often the families will meet. It can also detail the location and duration of each meeting. The agreement further includes other types of contact, like phone calls, email or social media relationships.. Read More >>

History of Transracial Adoption

A Christian family that wants to open their homes and arms to a child does not look at the color of the child’s skin, hair or eyes. Christian families only concern is that they can offer all that child needs to grow and thrive. Indeed, most Christian families probably do not even realize that transracial adoption can be difficult and even controversial.   Read More >>


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