“…whoever welcomes a child like this…. welcomes Me.”

Free Adoption Books

Lifetime has helped thousands of Christians build families through adoption since our inception in 1986.  Our Founder Mardie Caldwell is a recognized authority on adoption and is often featured in the media on TV talk shows. To help birth mothers and adoptive families make educated choices on adoption, she has written multiple books.

Called to Adoption is Caldwell’s newest book for hopeful adoptive families. It’s full of practical information about how you can answer God’s call to step forward in faith and adopt. If you’re thinking about domestic infant adoption, this book is a must-read!

“We’ve been praying that God would place the right child in our family.  I’ve read your book, Called to Adoption, so many times. The Bible passages provided me lots of encouragement. I’ve recommended the book to friends who are also looking to adopt. Thank you so much for this valuable book…it has helped so many Christian couples during their adoption!” says an adoptive mother of two.

You can download a preview of this Christian adoption book for free, to see if it’s something that might help you on your adoption journey. If you’d like to see if Called to Adoption will be a useful resource for you, get your free download here!

Mardie Caldwell also wrote So I Was Thinking About Adoption, a short book for women who are curious about making an adoption plan for their baby or child. Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or have been thinking about adoption some time, this little book can help! Inside are checklists, info, and stories from women who have been where you are right now. The book goes through how you might be feeling right now and helps you make sense of it all. It has a ton of great information about pregnancy and what to expect if you are thinking about adoption for your baby

You can read So I Was Thinking About Adoption from wherever you are, on your cell phone, computer, or tablet. The book is simple and easy to read. It’s packed with honest details about how adoption works today. Learn about the process, get tips on picking adoptive parents for your child, and advice on how to tell people about your adoption plans. Start learning more about adoption today by downloading an e-book version of So I Was Thinking About Adoption here!