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A Letter from Alex & Jenny


We are a family of three with a hearts desire to become a family of four.  We are an adventurous family who enjoy the outdoors from camping to skiing to travel.  We are overjoyed for the opportunity to parent a second child and our son is so excited to become a big brother. Our family is open to whatever level of contact you desire and will support your decision.  We look forward to getting to know you and are excited to share our lives with your child.

About Us

We met during our Emergency Medicine training after medical school and have now been married for 5 and a half years. We are both passionate about emergency medicine and enjoy caring for people of all ages and all walks of life. Together we have a 4-year-old son, Ashton, who is s excited to become a big brother!  Our family enjoys traveling to Hawaii, camping in our 5th wheel while exploring the Pacific Northwest, and skiing in the winter.  We enjoy spending time together and always make time for one another. We are excited to share our passion for the outdoors with our next child and take them on long walks and give lots of snuggles. We look forward to teaching them the value of family, supporting them as they find their passion, and the importance of being loving and kind.

About Alex (by Jen)

Alex is a very warm, kindhearted, and inviting person.  He is an Emergency Medicine doctor and enjoys his job caring for people greatly. He truly has a heart for others and always does all that he can for others. He is great at planning camping trips (with the Oregon coast being a favorite destination) and, during the winter, Alex is a volunteer ski patrolman. He loves to share his passion for skiing with our son and also enjoys teaching him how to swim in the summer.  He is a wonderful father and I know he is excited to take our next child for walks through our neighborhood, teach them how to ski, and rock her/him to sleep in his arms.

About Jen (by Alex)

Jen is an intelligent and caring individual with a heart for others.  She is an Emergency Medicine doctor who works 6-7 days a month and is home the rest of the month as an amazing stay-at-home mom. Her first priority is our family and she is a loving, nurturing, and supportive mother. She always does her best and takes wonderful care of our son and our home.  Jen enjoys the outdoors especially hiking and camping all over our beautiful state of Oregon.  She enjoys cooking and sharing her passion for gardening with our son. Jen is most looking forward to sharing her love of nature with our next child and providing them with endless warmth and snuggles.

About our Son and Family

Our son Ashton is 4 years old and loves making new friends. He is always full of energy and is outgoing like his father. He enjoys building lego creations, building tracks for his brio train, planting, coloring, and camping with the family. He is so excited to be a big brother and looks forward to welcoming his sibling home every day.

We both have wonderful families who are all excited for us to grow our family.
Jen’s parents live near us and we see them regularly. Ashton loves helping his Grandmother in the garden and we all enjoy travel together. This year, we are planning a trip to Hawaii together.  Alex’s parents live 3 hours from us and we see them throughout the year.  We came together a few times each year where we explore new areas hiking, cook meals together, and sitting as a family around the campfire.  This summer, Grandpa is taking Ashton fishing on one of our trips!

About our Home in Oregon

We live in a family-friendly neighborhood in a 2 story home built in 2017. Our home is peaceful, warm, and inviting with a nursery that is all ready for your child! On the main floor our kitchen, dining and living area are connected in a big open space which is convenient for cooking and spending time together as a family. Our living room has a nice gas fireplace which we cozy up to all through the winter. We have a fenced backyard area with a raised garden bed great for growing strawberries and fresh herbs.  Our home is a few blocks walk to the grade school and a farm that has horses and goats. We are less than a half-mile walk to our favorite park and our church. 

Our Promise

We promise to love, cherish and protect your child. She or he will grow up with loving parents who will strive to instill them with strong values in a secure and accepting environment.  We promise to teach and equip your child with the tools to help them fulfill their interests, hopes, and passions. They will experience fun family trips and we will provide them with a great education as well as every opportunity to pursue their dreams. We promise your child will grow up knowing their adoption story and will never go a day without knowing how loved they are. We look forward to keeping in touch with you however you are most comfortable. 

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Alex & Jenny

  Alex Jenny
Our EducationDoctorateDoctorate
Our ProfessionsEmergency Room Physician full time (works 12-15 days a month)Stay at home Mom mainly and Emergency Room Physician part-time (works 6-7 days a month)
Stay-At-HomeNoStay at home most of the time.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Alex & Jenny's Favorites
Favorite HolidayChristmasChristmas
Favorite SportSkiing, swimmingTennis, basketball
Favorite FoodThai foodMexican food
Favorite TV ShowStar TrekTiny House Nation, home makeover shows
Favorite Childhood MemorySkiing with my familyCamping with my parents and brothers in Plains, Montana by the river
Favorite SeasonWinterSummer
Favorite Vacation DestinationBig Sky, MontanaKauai, Hawaii
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

From early summer through fall we enjoy camping in our 5th wheel. We especially love our trips to the Oregon coast where we have fun on the beach and enjoy fresh seafood. We are not far from Northern California and enjoy camping near lakes and in the Redwood Forrest. We usually do a couple of camping trips with grandparents each summer which our son especially loves.

During the winter Alex is a volunteer ski patrol and skiing is one of his passions. We have fun going up to the ski resort where we can play in the snow and teach our son how to ski. Jenny grew up in Montana and she also enjoys skiing.

One of our favorite places to travel is Hawaii. We love the beach and swimming in the ocean and are very much looking forward to going back soon.

We value Family and Education greatly in our home. We feel blessed to be able to see their parents and siblings often and gather together for the holidays and already have a college savings account for our son and will have one set up for our next child as well so they won't have to worry about student loans when they graduate high school.

Our Faith

We are a Christian family. We believe in God and follow biblical principles which include the love and value of people regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. We believe in being loving and kind to people, being hardworking and respectful. We strive to model that to our son and live that out in their community including all the patients we care for at the hospital.

We attend a non-denominational Christian church that has outdoor services in the summer and a great children's ministry program. Jenny attends a community bible study fall through spring that has people from many denominations. When she attends, our son attends the children's bible school that has loving teachers, crafts, playtime, singing, and snack time.

Our Musical Interest

Alex played tenor saxophone from grade school until sophomore year of high school at which time he became more involved in swimming. He enjoys Indie and alternative music.

Jenny played flute in grade school into early high school. She enjoys a wide array of music including jazz, classical, country, Christian, and even some pop!

We encourage exploring music and will nurture any musical interest our child has. This includes listening to many different kinds of music and gaining musical skills through music lessons.

About Our Home

We live on a quiet street in a two-story four-bedroom home built in 2017. Our home is a warm and welcoming place to be, there are many windows allowing for a lot of natural light to shine in on granite countertops and hardwood floors. One home family favorite is to watch a movie with the fireplace on and share air-popped popcorn. The playroom is carpeted which is gentle on the knees for building train tracks and lego creations.
Upstairs is the master bedroom, our son's bedroom, and the nursery. It is nice to have all of the bedrooms on one floor. Our back yard area is fenced and we have raised garden beds for growing tomatoes, raspberries, and herbs.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months


Either gender

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and getting to know us. Your child will know their birth and adoption story and the incredible gift you have given them. They will grow up in a secure, loving, and nurturing environment where they can thrive and reach for their dreams. We believe in the importance of education and promise that your child will be given the gift of higher education. Your child's life will be full of adventure, joy, and peace where they will learn about God and the importance of being kind, hardworking, and respectful. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

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