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A Letter from Bev

I am excited to start this journey of expanding my family through adoption.  As my parents modeled for me, I will bring love, laughter, meaningful educational opportunities, and a large village to support your child in their reaching their dreams and healthy development. I am honored to be considered as a part of your plan to ensure your child reaches their God-given potential.

About Me

As a lawyer and educator, I walk in the shoes of my Mother who spent 50 years being an advocate for students all over the world.  My career has been tremendously rewarding, whether working in international development, law, business or education.  Each role has allowed me to unleash opportunities for students and communities.  Today, I work at a foundation providing scholarships for bright global scholars in developing countries who seek to become future leaders.  From Brazil to Kenya to Cambodia, my goal has been to encourage students to embrace their full potential.  I look forward to offering this same nurturing support to your child.

Most importantly, I come from a long line of Christians who believe in prayer and seeing faith in action.  I am committed to sharing my love for God with your child.  It would be my honor to cover them in love and prayers while giving them the opportunity to shine.

My Interests and Hobbies

You will often find me exploring the outdoors—relaxing in nature, hiking, sailing, or swimming. I also love to travel the world. Discovering people and cultures is something I look forward to sharing.  I also hope to share my passion for education and being a continuous learner, no matter the age!

Another one of my passions in to cook.  My love is expressed by making yummy meals for family and friends.  My favorite meals to prepare are Jamaican, Thai and Seafood dishes. Hosting friends and family for birthday dinners or Sunday meals is a favorite pastime.  I look forward to sharing these laughter-filled meals with your child and teaching them how to cook as well!  I also love to sing and have been known to break out in song when no one is looking! Reading, exploring new cities, tasting new dishes, attending concerts, plays and events, as well as connecting with friends are just a few more of my interests.  I look forward to sharing my favorite activities with your child and supporting them as they explore their own passions.

My Family and Friends

I come from a big family and am 1 of 19 grandchildren which means, when it comes time for family gatherings, there is an abundance of love to share. We gather together often for holidays and special events like milestone birthdays, graduations or holidays.  I’m also fortunate to have meaningful friendships that span from kindergarten to graduate school to previous careers. I have an amazing village of family and friends.  From Washington, DC, Boston, California to Brazil—my multi-cultural village is an active part of my daily life.

My village of family and friends are super-excited to welcome your child with love, understanding, support, and encouragement.

My Home in California

I live in a large two-story, 4 bedroom home that I share with my brother and his fiance.  It’s a very safe neighborhood, close to several parks, swimming pools, and nature trails.  There are many other families with small children in our complex, who will make great playmates.  We have access to top-rated schools, as well as cultural events and family-friendly restaurants.  It’s very comfortable with lots of room for playing games and hosting friends and family.

I also own a condo in a multi-cultural neighborhood in Washington, DC.  It is also a family-friendly environment that is walkable to parks, pools, cultural attractions and the zoo.


Growing up, we were each encouraged to discover our artistic talents, whether reciting poetry by Langston Hughes or Paul Lawrence Dunbar or playing the piano or flute.  We were invited to showcase our gifts and often given the space to perform.   I look forward to continuing this tradition with your child.  We believe in being intentional in celebrating accomplishments and form “Circles of Love” at family gatherings to express our appreciation for the honoree.  We are a musical family—and it is not unusual for us to bust out singing when we are together especially hymns.  It is a delightful tradition that connects us to our history.

My Promise

I promise to love your child unconditionally.  I promise to raise them to be a productive, successful, happy and thoughtful adult.  I promise to encourage and help them to live out their fullest potential as God created to do. I promise to surround your child with support from not only myself but from my global village.  I am open to maintaining communication with you through letters, pictures, and visits to the extent you are comfortable.

If you would like to learn more about me, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Bev

My EducationLaw Degree + International Relations major for undergraduate
My ProfessionsEducator at Foundation
My Racial BackgroundAfrican American/ Jamaican
Some of Bev's Favorites
Favorite Color?Yellow and Orange! I love the vibrancy and happiness they provide.
Favorite Music?International music; Brazilian Jazz; Contemporary Christian Music
Favorite Podcasts?Snap Judgement; This American Life; Joyce Meyers
Favorite place to visit?Brazil, Jamaica; South Africa; Cambodia
More About My Family
Approach to Life

Life can be challenging, but we can face each situation with a “can-do attitude” and optimism for life.  This is a wonderful characteristic I learned from my late Mother.  My father grew up in the hills of rural Jamaica and taught us the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and a creativity in approaching life.  We also have a long history of passionately pursuing educational opportunities (all of the 19 grandchildren have graduate degrees). This is something I am excited to share.

My Supportive Family

Being "family" means providing active support for one another.  In our regular family meetings, we share updates on life plans and challenges and jointly brainstorm solutions. I look forward to including your child in this important family resource/ tradition.

My Musical Interest

I love music... Whether singing or listening to Brazilian Jazz, 80's or 90's music or contemporary Christian music. I also am a fan of Broadway musicals. Music makes me smile.

Natural Curiosity about the World

I have been blessed to travel extensively within Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.  My love of discovering people and cultures is something I will share.  I also hope to share my passion for education and being a continuous learner, no matter the age! 

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child






Sibling Group


In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I am excited to start this journey of expanding my family through adoption.  As my parents modeled for me, I will bring love, laughter, meaningful educational opportunities, and a large village to support your child in their reaching their dreams and healthy development.

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