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A Letter from Bradley & Anna

Greetings from Alabama the Beautiful! Our family of three is so excited to grow through adoption. We love spending a lot of time as a family traveling, attending church, working outdoors on our small farm, and serving in our community through various outlets. Your child will be surrounded by a host of family and community members who will love and accept them. We would be honored and humbled to be the adoptive parents of your child and look forward to meeting you!

About Us

We have known each other for our whole lives. We love to go camping as a family and enjoy going to livestock shows and fairs where our son exhibits the animals he has raised on our farm. Of course, we love to travel and recently just got back from Walt Disney World where we all had a magical time together. Our adoption journey began five years ago with the adoption of our son, Asher, who is now 7 years old. We have been preparing for our newest addition by getting a nursery ready, purchasing baby items, and preparing our son for his new brother or sister! We look forward to including our next child in our travels and teaching them all we know about animals.

About Anna

Anna is a loving and caring mother who enjoys staying at home with her family. As a stay-at-home mom, she is always busy with things around the house and, of course, taking our son to practice, school, and to play. Her biggest passion is traveling and seeing new destinations. She knows that an additional member of the family will only make these travels more fun and exciting! Scrapbooking, cooking, photography, and being involved with our church’s social activities are just a few of her hobbies. Anna loves being a mother and is beyond excited to share her love, compassion, and care with our next child!

About Brad

Brad is always cracking jokes with everyone and enjoys being around other people.  He is currently a banker and also serves as a county commissioner and pastor. His favorite part of work is engaging others and meeting new people. His major hobby is farming. He loves to see things grow and enjoys seeing new life on the farm each spring. Brad looks forward to teaching our children the value of hard work, how to care for and appreciate others, and, most importantly, how to show others that they are cared for and that they matter. Hard-working, dedicated, and passionate are three words that best describe Brad. Brad was adopted as a young boy and understands the challenges and feelings that your adopted child will encounter one day!

Our Son

Our son, Asher, is a vibrant 7-year-old and is full of life. He is always laughing, running, and enjoying life to the fullest. He loves to be outdoors and play basketball. He will be in the first grade this year, and his favorite subject is reading. Most nights, we end up reading a book together as a family. Asher is looking forward to playing with his new sibling and being a great “big brother.” He’s excited to have a new sibling to run, play, and interact with!

Our Home in Alabama

We love our home and especially our tight-knit community. We are blessed with outstanding neighbors and live in a great part of town! This is a wonderful place to raise a family with quality schools, safe communities, and we are just close enough to the urban areas to travel for shopping, dining out, or entertainment. We have rural living right in the middle of town! We have been renovating our old farmhouse home over the years and have already started the process of making Brad’s office into a nursery. Anna has already gotten everything from the paint colors to the furniture picked out! There is always a host of animal activities on our farm. On any given day, we are usually busy taking care of our sheep, cattle, hogs, and chickens.

Our Promise

We promise you that your child will be loved to the fullest and that they will be encouraged to pursue their dreams and desires. We will always do what is best for your child! We are excited to see your child grow, to include them in our family gatherings, to travel with them, and give them a safe and fun environment to grow up in!

Adoption is truly a miracle. We are a family of adopted individuals, and we have seen the impact that adoption has made on the lives of so many of our family members and friends. We promise to always cherish and care for you and your child. We want to get to know you and stay in touch however you feel comfortable. We would love to have the chance to talk with you or meet in person one day.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Bradley & Anna

  Bradley Anna
Our EducationM.S. in Agriculture Education M.S. in Elementary Education
Our ProfessionsBusiness Development Officer Stay-at-home mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Bradley & Anna's Favorites
FoodJapanese Italian
Ice CreamButter PecanCookies and Cream
Travel DestinationHistorical PlacesDisney World
Movie or TV ShowThe OfficeGilmore Girls
More About Our Family
Our Pets

We are animal lovers! Of course, we have our trusty family pet Oliver. He is Labrador and loves riding in the bed of our truck, chasing our farm animals, and playing with our son. Oliver is not our only pet! We have a pasture full of sheep and cattle that we raise and exhibit throughout the Southeast. We have all kinds of baby lambs and calves running around each spring. It is so fun and exciting for all of us to see new life each year on the farm. We also have a large chicken coop with lots of hens and plenty of farm-fresh eggs to eat. We enjoy working with our animals and making this a family affair!

Our Faith

Our faith is very important to us. We were both raised in Christian homes that placed a high value on being involved in church and the community. Brad is the pastor of a small congregation of wonderful people who are as equally excited about adoption as we are. We attend church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings weekly and enjoy learning and growing in our faith on a regular basis. Our family is involved in many church events in the community such as revivals, Bible schools, and events to help the less fortunate. We try to instill Christian values in our son such as faith, giving back, and loving our neighbors. We would love to share our faith with your child and make them a part of our faith family!

Adoption in our Family

Adoption is a major part of our family. Brad was adopted as a young boy by a family from his church. Brad's adopted family has played such a major role in his life, and they are involved with our son in every respect of his life. Brad enjoys a relationship with his biological mother who lives in Michigan as well. Our son Asher is adopted also. We adopted Asher when he was two years old and we have had him for over five years now. We have a terrific relationship with his foster parents who are a part of family. We enjoy spending holidays and lots of time with his foster family. They are truly just another part of our extended family. We also maintain a relationship with Asher's birth mom by sharing photos and videos whenever she requests them. Adoption has been and will continue to be a major part of our lives!

Typical Weekend with Us

I am not sure that we ever have a "typical weekend"! Our lives are stable, but there is always something fun or exciting going on throughout the year. In the summer and fall we enjoy camping and going on vacation to fun and exciting places. We also enjoy attending sporting events and college football games whenever time allows. In the fall we also spend a great deal of time traveling across the Southeast with our son exhibiting livestock at fairs and expositions. When we are not camping, showing, or traveling we enjoy spending time with friends and family going out to eat, playing games, and of course we spend each Sunday attending church with our family of faith.

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In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family! We come from a family where adoption is celebrated! Adopting our son has been a true blessing and we are excited to adopt once more and grow our family! We have been preparing spiritually, mentally, and physically for this moment for over two years and know that we can provide a loving home for your child. We are committed to providing your child with a stable, loving, faith-based home where he or she will be cared for and loved by not only us, but a host of loving and caring grandparents and extended family. We are open to visits and other communications at your comfort level. It would be our honor and privilege to raise and love your child!

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