“…whoever welcomes a child like this…. welcomes Me.”

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A Letter from Paul & Rebecca

Hi! Thank you for considering us for your child. We are so excited to become first-time parents! Both of our families live nearby so big family gatherings are a favorite for us. We also enjoy spending lots of time with friends playing board games and making up fun outdoor games. We enjoy reading books aloud together with voices, hiking, and traveling on short trips to the beach or long trips across the country. We would love to welcome your child of any race into our lives and are open to visits!

About Us and Our Faith

We met at church while we were both in college and were together for about two and a half years while we finished school before getting married. We have now been married for eight years and, after struggling to conceive and having a miscarriage a few years ago, we knew our path was leading us to adoption.  Even before we were married, adoption was something we knew we wanted to be a part of our family. We love to spend time together and attend a local community church every Sunday and participate in Bible studies throughout the week. We enjoy doing lots of house projects together- from painting, installing floors, setting up Paul’s shop in the garage, to our attempts to landscape our own yard. We look forward to reading with our child, sharing our love for travel, and playing games together as a family.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is gentle, kind, and passionate. Her love is seen, felt, and heard in all that she does. Rebecca loves to teach reading and math and is currently teaching math part-time at a local private Christian school. She looks forward to becoming a stay-at-home mom when baby arrives and homeschooling our child as they grow. We have several friends that are homeschooling and there are many homeschool co-ops in the area.  With her food restrictions in mind, Rebecca enjoys spending time experimenting with new meals. She loves to bake bread (specifically ciabatta) and learn new things. During the summer months, she likes to take time to teach herself new skills and has even taught herself how to knit by making a sweater.  She learned to sew by making a wool coat with her grandma. I know she is excited to share her love of learning with our child.

About Paul

Paul is calm and even-tempered, reliable, generous, and humble. He is always willing to help out friends or family. Paul works locally as a mechanical engineer and loves tinkering in his shop! He actually began his own business machining metal parts and hopes to make his part-time side business into a full-time job, which will allow him to work from home. He loves outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and ultimate frisbee.  Paul’s passion for travel started in the 4th grade when his family moved to Israel for a year. During this time, he got the chance to travel to many countries. Now Paul loves to travel anywhere new, which he enjoys sharing and looks forward to doing with our child. He also looks forward to teaching our child how to build with Legos and how to throw a frisbee.

Our Family

Rebecca is the oldest of three siblings and Paul has three sisters. We both grew up in Washington and both our families enjoy hiking, going to the beach, the occasional snowstorm in the winter, and picking berries in the summer. Having our families so close is a blessing, especially since they all enjoy getting together. Thanksgiving and Christmas we will sometimes spend with one family or the other, but oftentimes we will rotate hosting a bigger portion of family gathering all together, we will even open it up to friends as well. Both our families look forward to welcoming our child into the family and look forward to spending time doing big family game nights, setting up the Christmas tree and lighting the Advent candles, and having big holiday parties!

Our House in Washington

A few years ago, we built our house with an in-law-suite where we have friends and family stay when they come to visit. The master and two spare bedrooms are upstairs, along with a bonus room that acts as a craft/sewing/library/entertainment room. It’s often where we sit in the evening to relax. Downstairs is the great room where the living room, dining, and kitchen are conjoined. It’s been ideal for hosting large gatherings! We eat homemade meals almost every night at the dinner table and talk about our day. We have a very fuzzy Siberian kitty named Hobbes (named after the character in our favorite comic strip) and an extremely sweet German Shepherd named Achilles who loves to go for walks around our private neighborhood.

Our Promise

We promise to teach your child about God’s unconditional love for them and to model that in our love for them. We promise to support them as they grow, encourage them as they learn, and help them to become the person they were meant to be. We promise to teach them not only to read, write, and do arithmetic but to teach them to love learning. We promise to explore the world with them and to try to keep that childlike wonder in doing so. We look forward to getting to know you more and having ongoing communication with you through letters pictures and visits at your comfort level.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Paul & Rebecca

  Paul Rebecca
Our EducationBS in Mechanical EngineeringBA in Elementary Education
Our ProfessionsMechanical EngineerTeacher
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Paul & Rebecca's Favorites
FoodThai, especially curriesStrawberries
Board GameGloomhavenPhotosynthesis
Bible VersePhilippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.Proverbs 12:1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge but whoever hates correction is stupid. (It helps keep me humble.)
YoutuberStuff Made HereMicarah Tewers
BooksLord of the Rings, The Fabric of the Cosmos, UnbrokenLord of the Rings, Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas, Where the Sidewalk Ends
DessertCheesecakeGerman Chocolate Cake... but redone for allergies with cherries not chocolate, and macadamia/coconut caramel topping
Dad JokeHave you heard the one about the butter? Nevermind, I shouldn't spread it.Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize? He was outstanding in his field.
More About Our Family
Our Travels

Traveling is something Paul did a lot as a child and that has continued into our marriage.
Together we have traveled to:
• Virginia
• Florida
• Colorado
• Minnesota
• Nevada
• Hawaii
• Hungary
• South Africa
Paul has been to every state except Alaska, we hope to travel there sometime soon.

Our Yard

When we had our house built a few years ago there were some pieces we did ourselves, like the indoor painting and installing tile and hardwood floors. We also decided to do our own landscaping. We live in a forested area on 5 acres, only about 1 acre is flat and usable, and the rest slopes down to the nearby river. For right now, most of the landscaping is taking out blackberries, but eventually, we want to plant:
• raspberries (Paul's favorite)
• strawberries (Rebecca's favorite)
• blueberries
• boysenberries
• thornless blackberries
• grapes
• We also plan on having a vegetable and herb garden!

Our Pets

Achilles is our 8-year-old German Shepherd. He is a sweet dog that has inspired some of our friends to get a dog because of how amazing he is. He is gentle, energetic, and a big softy. He is best friends with our cat Hobbes.
Hobbes is a 1-year-old Siberian cat. He is big, fluffy, and hypoallergenic. He is a super snuggler and does not shy away from kids.

4th of July

Every year we go to a friend’s house and read the Declaration of Independence and play games (that we help develop).
One year, we did a Mario Cart type game where we had people driving riding lawnmowers with a passenger who had a nerf bow and arrow. Each lawn mower was equipped with balloons on the end of poles that eliminated the contestants when they were popped.
Another year, we built forts with cardboard boxes, then competed to destroy the other team's fort with a potato cannon.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


Yes, we are open to twins.


Either boy or girl


We are open to sending pictures and letters after birth. We are also open to visits.

In Closing

We are excited to give a child a loving home close to family and friends their own age. We look forward to sharing our love of the outdoors, cooking good food together, and building fun contraptions. They will grow up being able to explore the woods and see the stars. We look forward to hearing from you!

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