“…whoever welcomes a child like this…. welcomes Me.”

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A Letter from Peter & Bethany

Hello from Pennsylvania! We are looking forward to becoming first-time parents through adoption. We have a close-knit family that lives nearby and is actively involved in our lives. You can look forward to your child growing up not just with two loving parents – but a lot of grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles as well!

We are down to earth people, and we attribute our security and stability in life to maintaining simple priorities: honor God and love the people we meet. We are overjoyed by the opportunity to extend that love and security to you. We are already praying for you and your child. Thank you for taking some time to get to know us!

About Us

We met our sophomore year of high school. Our relationship grew over 7 years of dating, including going long distances all through college. We both moved back to our hometown after college and have been happily married for 6 years now. Meeting when we were young helped us to get to know each other as friends and we never lost our playful spirit.

We love:

-Playing sports together
-Learning new board games
-Referencing “The Office” constantly
-Throwing a ball around while sharing about our day

Our faith is the center of our lives and we look forward to enjoying family worship and bible reading together every night before bed. We are also excited to share our mutual love of sports with a child and play together in the yard as a family. On chilly Pennsylvania snow days, we’ll bundle up and take a sled to our local park to enjoy sledding together as a family. On hot summer afternoons, we look forward to wading in the creek and splashing around together.

About Peter

Peter works at our church, teaching the Bible to middle school students and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. They love his playful attitude and that he invests in getting to know them. He is a wonderful husband – a great listener, considerate of other peoples’ feelings, and makes me laugh constantly with silly puns.

Peter is a super fun uncle. Our niece and nephew love playing active games with him, like monkey-in-the-middle. But he also cares for their personal growth and quickly encourages or corrects them when needed.

Peter’s hobbies include:

-Reading fantasy novels
-Learning complex board games
-Disc golf
-Video games
-Watching and playing sports

Peter is excited to teach a child how to read and share his love of books. He is also looking forward to playing sports and throwing a ball with them.

About Bethany

Bethany works mostly from home as an Information Technology Trainer. I always joke that if we are at a gathering with kids and adults, I almost always turn around and find Bethany making friends with a child – listening to their stories or playing make-believe. She really views all children as a blessing and as someone to show love to.

She is an awesome wife and is going to make a great mom. She is warm-hearted and her positive attitude is uplifting to others. Her empathy, wisdom, and endurance help her to walk alongside others with grace, no matter what joys or struggles they’re facing.

Bethany’s hobbies include:
-All things creative (painting, photography, graphic design, singing)
-Playing soccer

Bethany loves hugs and can’t wait to share cuddles with a baby, and then continue to support their emotional needs and provide them with advice as they head into school. She is also looking forward to doing crafts together with a child and teaching them how to cook and bake.

Our Family

Most of Bethany’s immediate family lives within 15 minutes of our house – including two older cousins who are already starting to plan activities with their little cousin. We get to see each other at least every other week for family dinners, visiting festivals in our town or to watch the kids play sports. We share a beach house together for a week during the summer. We both enjoy jumping through waves, building sandcastles, and playing paddle ball, which make us fun beach companions for our nieces and nephew.

Peter’s mom lives right next door to us and is thrilled to be a grandma! We have dinner with her every week and enjoy going to church together and getting to chat about the sermon afterward. Peter’s sister comes to visit for most holidays and is looking forward to bringing crafts along to share with her niece or nephew. They both are super fun – his mom has been known to show up dressed as Wonder Woman, and his sister knows just about every Disney song ever written.

Our Home in Pennsylvania

We own a spacious three-bedroom home in a well-established neighborhood with families from many diverse backgrounds. It is located on the edge of our up-and-coming small town.

With the help of incredibly handy family members who are generous with their time, we completely renovated our entire house. It’s now comfortable, safe, and always ready to welcome others.

Our favorite room in the house is our living room which has tons of room to throw a ball and for lightsaber battles with our niece and nephew. A unique part of our house is our attached apartment, where Peter’s mom lives!

Our Promise

We promise to treat you with respect as a special part of our family. Your child will grow up knowing your care for him or her and our love for you! We will share Jesus with them through our words and through our lives. They will be a priority in our lives and we will have family meals, active afternoons playing outside, fun board game nights, and calm bedtimes reading together. We will provide them with all the love we have to give and try to help them feel true joy and purpose in life.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Peter & Bethany

  Peter Bethany
Our EducationBachelors - Youth Ministry and BibleBachelors - Digital Media and Communications
Our ProfessionsMiddle School Ministry CoordinatorInformation Technology Trainer
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Peter & Bethany's Favorites
TV ShowThe OfficeBrooklyn 99
DessertWhatever dessert is on my plate!Peter's family's recipe - Chocolate Pudding Cake!
AuthorBrandon SandersonJen Wilkin
Type of FoodChipotle Burrito BowlsItalian and Greek
Board GameSettlers of CatanAzule
Movie to Share with a ChildLand Before TimeFrozen
More About Our Family
Our Favorite Traditions

One of our favorite Pennsylvania traditions happens on Mardi Gras. We eat a doughnut called a Fastnacht. We like to buy a pack from multiple bakers and then pick our favorite!

Bethany’s family owns a small piece of land next to a local creek. Every summer we like to gather there with family to roast s’mores and swim in the creek.

Our Faith

We are firmly committed to our faith in Christ, and we both serve middle schoolers at our church - Peter as a teacher and Bethany as a small group leader.

We are delighted to point our child toward Christ through everyday conversations, Bible reading, singing worship songs, and praying together as a family. We look forward to helping our child learn how to love God, love others, and experience the joy of life with Jesus.

Our Community

Our town has a lot of opportunities for children to embrace their interests, whether through sports, acting, rock climbing, hiking, and more. Our public school system offers an excellent traditional education as well as vocational tracks. Your child will be able to further explore their interests and passions with access to summer camps, classes, and kids programs at nearby colleges.

Why We Chose Adoption

At ten years old, Bethany learned about adoption and immediately felt called to pursue it when she grew up. Since then, adoption has never left her mind. During our later years of dating, we found that Peter also felt called to adoption. Over time and through adoption education, our desire has matured and grown. We are excited to now be on this journey and to provide your child with a stable family to learn and grow within. We also look forward to sharing our hearts with you and learning about your hopes for the future.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old.


We are open to either gender.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and the life we will provide your child with. We can’t wait to share lots of joy, laughter, games, snuggles, and so much love with your little one. When life’s difficulties pop up, we’ll be there to wipe tears, soothe through sleepless nights, and offer comfort and guidance. You will always be a very special part of our family's story, and we welcome an open adoption with whatever kind of contact you are comfortable with. If you'd like to get to know us more, contact Lifetime by calling or texting 1-800-923-6784.

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