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A Letter from Stephen & Gabrielle

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

If we could describe our lifestyle in one word, it would be JOYFUL! We are creative, hard-working, and adventurous. We have a huge heart for family and could not be more excited to welcome your baby into our home. It is safe, God-centered, and full of laughter. Your child will always know they are deeply loved by us, you, and God. If you would like to stay connected, we are open to whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Who We Are

We’ve known each other our whole lives through homeschooling and church, and have been happily married for two years. We are each other’s best friends and go through life as a team. We love God, love life, and love others! Our pups add the perfect amount of spunkiness to our family. Nova is a proper lady, while Lyla is a clumsy cuddle bug.

Our hobbies include thrifting, hiking, and traveling. The three together make for the perfect adventure and allow us to meet new people. While at home, we love working on simple renovations, yard work, and flipping furniture. We also enjoy cozy evenings with a home-cooked meal, watching a good show, or playing a competitive game of scrabble. We’re excited to share all of our favorite things with your child while helping them discover their God-given talents, interests, and passions!

Meet Gabby (Written By Stephen)

Gabby is whole-hearted, confident, purposeful, and wise. Her relationship with God is easily seen by the way she loves me, our family, and others. She loves celebrating life and is the first to plan birthdays and holidays. She is patient and understanding which are two of the many qualities that will make her an amazing mother. 

On a typical day, you will find her working on a creative project, caring for our home, and cooking a delicious meal. She is gifted in homemaking and loves gathering people together. She loves being outdoors and finds any excuse for a long family walk in the sun. Her other hobbies include hiking, reading/writing, and gardening.

I’m most excited for Gabby to share:  Her gentle, loving, and hands-on style of learning with our child. Gabby takes the time to teach children rather than expecting them to be perfect.

Meet Stephen (Written By Gabby)

Stephen is steady, kind, and easygoing. He leads with a gentle strength, making our home a safe place to be. His unwavering love for God and family are a breath of fresh air. He is a natural at making everyone feel included. Stephen is a faithful husband, a caring son, the coolest brother, and the most fun uncle – and will make the best Dad ever! 

Stephen is a hard worker and genuinely loves what he does for a living. On his days off, he enjoys exploring new places, trying local coffee shops, playing board games, and spending time with his family.

I’m most excited to see Stephen share: His ability to make everyday tasks in life feel special. I’m excited for him to include our child in all he does – always ensuring they know how loved, appreciated, and protected they are. 

Our Cozy Home In Florida

We live in a beautiful small town in Central Florida that values culture and community. Our home is nestled in a safe neighborhood on a cobblestone road. It is a cozy bungalow with two bedrooms and a beautiful sunroom that will make for the perfect play area. It is within walking distance of the best playground, ice cream shop, and our favorite lake. We have purposefully styled it in a way that nurtures creativity and learning. We have already prepared the nursery, which reflects our eclectic style with its joyful colors, many textures, and unique decor. Our desire is that God uses our home to help people feel loved and welcomed while experiencing His goodness.

The Extended Family

Family is important to us, and we make it a priority to spend lots of time together! Both sides of our families have been lifelong friends, which makes get-togethers easy and special. We see each other at least every other week and talk on the phone often. We love having Sunday lunches together, going on last-minute nature walks, and hosting holidays at our house. Our yearly vacation to our family cabin in North Carolina is by far one of our favorite family traditions.

We love BIG! We do life together, celebrating the joyful moments and sharing the heavy ones. Our families have been our biggest support, and they are so excited for us to be adopting. Your child will be deeply cherished and fully embraced by everyone in our family!

Our Promise To You

We promise to love your child as our own unconditionally and wholeheartedly. We promise to teach them who God is and their identity in Him. They will have a well-rounded education that includes not only books but important life skills too. We promise that our home will always be a safe place for them to grow both emotionally and physically. We will always do our best to be patient, understanding, and kind parents.

We promise to honor and respect you and uphold you highly in your child’s eyes. They will always know how deeply you care for them. We are excited to celebrate your child’s heritage which will be an important part of their story. Lastly, we promise to stay connected in whatever way is most comfortable for you via letters, social media, or yearly visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Stephen & Gabrielle

  Stephen Gabrielle
Our EducationBachelors In Graphic DesignAssociate Of Arts
Our ProfessionsWeb Design And Online MarketingSocial Media Management
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Stephen & Gabrielle's Favorites
Family TraditionFriday movie and pizza night with the family.Christmas tree shopping on Thanksgiving.
Late Night SnackToasted PB&J with a glass of milk.Cheesy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell.
HobbyGoing thrifting and finding things to flip for a profit.Making our home extra cozy through interior design.
Vacation SpotOur family cabin in the Smokey Mountains.North Carolina has a special place in my heart.
Childhood MemoryCamping trips & fishing with my family.Birthday shopping sprees with my Mom & Nana.
Bible VersePhilippians 4:8Philippians 1:27
Genre of MusicIndie Folk; ie: Andrew BirdAcoustic Indie Folk; ie: Gregory Alan Isakov
More About Our Family
Adoption Is Already In Our Family

God has woven our adoption journey together from the very start. Stephen, along with our five siblings have been adopted. (Yes! You read that right. Gabby is the only one not adopted!). We know firsthand that family is not made by blood but woven together with love. We hope this tidbit of information gives you peace, knowing that your child will never feel left out but fully known and celebrated.

Birthday Dates / Adventures

Shortly after we got married, we wanted to make sure our little brothers and nieces always felt loved and known by us. This started our "famous" Birthday Dates/Adventures where we take each one out for the entire day to celebrate them. We plan things according to their unique personalities and interests. Some examples include dinner & a movie, build-a-bear, Pokémon go hunting, and a ropes course. They look forward to their special day all year! It is always such a fun time and we are excited to continue the tradition with our children in the future.

Our Family Cabin In North Carolina

Stephen's Grandparents built our family cabin in the 1970's. We love leaving the Florida heat every summer to enjoy a week in the smoky mountains. We really enjoy the slow pace lifestyle with little distractions. It allows us to focus on family while we make lifelong memories. Some of our favorite things to do include tubing down the river, hiking in the mountains, and sitting around the table while we play games.

Fun Fact About Us

Gabby loves a good story whether it's a book or movie. If given the choice, she will always choose a children's classic book or animated film. This is because they are lighthearted with a clear vision of good conquering evil.

Stephen is classically trained in the violin and has a fantastic ear for music. He started playing at age six. You will often find him playing at our church on a Sunday morning or at the local coffee shop. 

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In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We have been praying for you and your child since the very beginning of our adoption journey. We can't wait to be first time parents and look forward to loving your child unconditionally. We are so excited to spend quality time together as a family throughout all stages of life. Our goal is to be supportive parents who foster meaningful conversations, a good work ethic, kindness, and a joy for life. You are deeply respected and we are happy to have open communication with you through whatever way is most comfortable for you.

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