God sets the solitary in families…

For most couples, the road to parenthood is easy and joyful. But, there are many couples who battle with fertility issues and are unable to conceive naturally. Some couples spend thousands of dollars in IVF and other assisted reproduction treatments that have a low success rate. This opens up opportunities to consider adopting a child. Whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or trying to enlarge your family with one more baby, you must know that it is God’s plan to make us fruitful and multiply. Sometimes, God chooses us to become parents to those who are biologically not our children, but still precious in the eyes of God.

Many believers wonder what the Bible has to say about adoption. Well, do you know that we are all adopted? The apostle Paul uses the concept of adoption to express the relationship of a believer with God. Adoption under the Roman law meant that the one who is adopted becomes a ‘new creature’; someone who is born again into a new family, just as every believer who is baptized in Christ is born again into God’s family as heirs and co-inheritors.

Do you feel a stirring in your spirit that God could be calling you to adoption? If yes, then I encourage you to spend time with Him in prayer to find out if it is in God’s perfect will and purpose for you. The Bible says that God cares for orphans and I believe that one way of caring for them is placing them in God-fearing homes, where they will be loved, protected, and treasured, just as God cherishes each member of His family. If you feel God may be calling you to be a blessing to a child in need, I recommend the book Called to Adoption by Mardie Caldwell, which is a wonderful resource for Christian couples considering adoption. It answers all the tough questions you may have and will help you make a Spirit-led decision on bringing a child into your family.

(from The New King James Version., Ps 68:6 (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982).