“The only investments I ever made which have paid constantly increasing dividends is the money I have given to the Lord.”
—J. L. Kraft, head of Kraft Cheese, who for many years gave 25 percent of his income to Christian causes

So many Christians wait for God to do a miracle in their lives or in the lives of their loved one. But, many fail to realize that sometimes God is waiting for you and me to perform miraculous acts in partnership with Him. The Church has Jesus Christ as the Head, which makes the rest of us the hands and feet that needs to do what He bids us to do!

The Biblical principle of giving flies in the face of today’s culture of hoarding and spending lavishly on oneself. A good example of God’s expectation from us in sharing our blessings is Henry Crowell, the founder of the Quaker Oats Company. Crowell received Christ as young man and, when he began his business career in an Ohio factory, promised God that he would honor Him in his giving. As he gave more God blessed him even more. This was Crowell’s testimony after more than 40 years of giving 60 percent of his income to God: “I’ve never gotten ahead of God. He has always been ahead of me in giving.”

There are many people in need today – teenage birth mothers who need educational opportunities, families looking to adopt who need adoption grants, and families who are in desperate need for basic amenities such as food, clothing, and school supplies. Lifetime Foundation is one such organization that is dedicated to creating futures for children placed in adoption and birth mothers. With the number of requests for educational scholarships and adoption grants outweighing the funds, consider being God’s hands by donating to this precious cause. Visit www.LifetimeFoundation.org to learn how you can help. Whatever amount you choose to contribute, just remember that God is all set to pour out His blessings upon you!

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