Every child deserves a home of his own.
— Harry Holt

When a teenager gets pregnant, it turns her life upside down. All that seemed exciting and fun now take on a scary meaning as the reality of having a baby begins to sink in. What is going to happen to her future? What will she do with the baby? Will she be able to find a good family to raise her child? It is even more daunting if you give birth to a baby with special needs. Will there be any takers for a baby who will be more difficult to care for, than a baby without any complications?

The Psalmist proclaims “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Ps 139:14). What does that mean? It refers to the marvelous way the human body is designed, with all its complexities and uniqueness. Every baby born into this world is unique and cannot be duplicated by man! Your baby reveals the mind of the Creator, His immense love for us, and His amazing creativity. God cares for every child. It doesn’t matter if your baby is born with special needs. God will prepare a special family ahead of time to love your baby unconditionally and provide all that is needed to raise the child in a secure, loving, and godly atmosphere.

Commit your baby’s future into God’s hands by praying right now for your baby to be placed in a loving Christian family. There are many instances of children with disabilities and severe medical problems being adopted by Christian couples because God called them to adopt such children. When you lean on God and put your confidence in Him, He will show you the way. Your past mistakes and poor lifestyle choices, when confessed whole-heartedly, will no longer have the power to determine your future and that of your child’s. Trust in, lean on, and rely upon Christ, who will make all things work together for your good!