Our staff at Lifetime Christian Adoption received this beautiful update note from Mike and La Tanya on their adoption story:

“We can’t believe that our “little man” is 10 months old! He is the biggest blessing that we’ve experienced in our 12 years of marriage! He has learned to say “mama” and “dada”, and there’s nothing like hearing his sweet little voice say those words to us! Being a mommy and daddy is the best thing short of our relationship with Christ, and our marriage to one another.

There were times when it felt like it would never happen, and we would grow disheartened. Now that he’s here, we can’t express how glad we are that we persevered and were matched with the baby of our dreams! The staff at Lifetime (particularly Diane) was compassionate and supportive, and thankfully, found us the perfect match.

We thank God for our little baby boy, and also thank Lifetime for having such a great experience!

Mike & La Tanya”

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