Lifetime adoptive couple Kevin and Jess just finalized their daughter Elisabeth’s adoption in court! Read about their adoption story here:

“Just a quick update from our family. We wanted to let you know that Elisbeth is doing great. She is now seven months old and almost crawling. We can hardly believe it’s already been seven months and yet at the same time it feels like she has been with us forever. She does something daily that makes us laugh out loud, she has such a fun and goofy personality.

We finalized our adoption this month! The adoption of Lissie and her presence in our lives is definitely at the top of our list. She has been a blessing to the entire family since day one. She has so many cousins that love to dote on her, as well as a big brother that just adores her.

I think of and pray for all the waiting families, especially during this approaching holiday season. I know how tough it can be to be waiting for a match during the holidays. Last year we had just been matched and the year before that we were waiting to be matched and I remember feeling sad that we didn’t have a baby during the holidays, but as it turns out…God’s timing was absolutely perfect and had it been any sooner or later, it wouldn’t have been right…and it wouldn’t have been Lissie.

I encourage the waiting adoptive families to fill their holidays with family, support, and things that bring them joy and comfort, knowing that in God’s timing, He will add to their family. I also pray for the many birth families out there during this season. I’m thankful for their gift to place their child and I’m ever so sensitive to the reality that the holidays may not be as cheery for them as it is for the adoptive families.

Thank you for all you at Lifetime Adoption do…it has been a pleasure working with you. We will keep in touch over time!

-Kevin and Jess”