Steven and Brianne are very excited to become first-time parents! Steven is a Financial Analyst and Brianne’s an elementary teacher. They enjoy playing with the dogs outside, sitting on the front porch in the summer while reading a book, working at their neighborhood social events, and remodeling the house.

They have been married for nine years and have a strong marriage built on faith, commitment, and love. Steven enjoys home improvement projects, reading, and working on the lawn. Brianne’s hobbies include trying new recipes, going to Bible study, and spending time at the pool. They own a comfy, two story home with four bedrooms in a family-friendly neighborhood in North Carolina. Their fenced-in backyard has plenty of space for a swing set and playhouse. The neighborhood where they live has two parks and two pools, one of which is specific to families with children.

Steven and Brianne believe that the Lord is our savior. They’ve chosen to adopt because their faith in God has led them in this direction. They are thrilled for the opportunity to become a family with their first child. Steven and Brianne have a strong marriage built on faith, commitment, and love.

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