Kevin and Nicole are a very happy, healthy, loving Christ-centered family. Both have always wanted to adopt their first child. They enjoy CrossFit, travel, cooking, and dancing. Kevin is a nurse and Nicole works part-time as a skin therapist. Nicole is able to make her own schedule, and will only work a day or two a week once they adopt.

They love the church they attend, and spend weekends at service and Bible study. They also enjoy hiking, skiing, staying physically fit, and cooking. Kevin and Nicole always buy local and organic foods and have fun finding new ways to prepare everything. They reside in a new four-bedroom home in a child friendly, safe and diverse neighborhood in Washington. They love being active, and their home is nearby numerous parks, skating rink, mountains, and lakes.

Kevin and Nicole promise to love your child with all of their beings and to provide him or her with a stable, loving, patient and fun family and home. They promise to provide a foundation for a life based on faith and love, and to provide a child with a private school education, and travel opportunities to see the world and learn about other cultures.

You can find out more about Kevin and Nicole by visiting their adoption website. If you’d like, you may also view all adoptive family profiles here at LifetimeChristianAdoption.com. If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784.