Aaron and Karen are a down-to-earth Christian couple who love God and want to share their lives with children. Soon after they got married, they found out that they had fertility issues and so they are turning to adoption to build their family. They both enjoy the outdoors, doing home improvement projects and spending time with family. Several times a year they travel to Colorado to ski/snowboard and spend time with the family. Both Aaron and Karen enjoy learning new things and doing DIY projects.

Aaron is a fire fighter/paramedic, as is his father and brothers. He is frequently called on when people need help with a home improvement project or just advice on life. He loves activities like fishing, hiking, gardening, and golfing. Karen is a Business Analyst for a Financial Company and plans to become a stay-at-home mom once they adopt. She enjoys baking and decorating cakes/cupcakes, gardening, baking, sewing, and helping Aaron with home improvement projects.

Aaron and Karen have done a lot of improvements to their house, in order to make it home. They live in a three bedroom home and have a nice-sized backyard with a great shade tree and a vegetable garden. Their neighborhood has bike trails and many parks and schools within walking distance.

They promise to raise your child in Christ, to love and support them as they grow and learn. They promise to help them navigate through all the stages of life and give them all the opportunities they possibly can. Aaron and Karen also plan to share with them their adoption story. They are open to continuing contact with you after the adoption.

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