Christian couple David and Brandi are a military family living in Nebraska. Their 5-year old son, Evan, is very excited to have a little brother or sister. Together, they enjoy traveling, going to museums, going to the zoo, watching movies, swimming, or just playing in the yard.

David and Brandi are active in their church and want to share with your child all of the opportunities that God’s grace has afforded them.

About her husband, Brandi says “David is a wonderful father, terrific husband, and excellent provider. David loves playing with our son and is not afraid to get down on the floor with him and jump right into the imaginary world Evan has created.”

And David has these words to share about her: “Brandi is a loving wife, outstanding mother, and friend to many…In nearly 10 years of marriage, living in 5 states and one foreign country, her love and devotion to family have made our many houses into “home”.

They promise to not only provide for your child’s needs, but to love him or her unconditionally. Their stable home is ready to provide many opportunities to allow for a great education, travel and support to accomplish his or her dreams. David and Brandi promise to be honest with your child about their adoption. They feel sharing letters, photos and visits if you would like to do so, is important.

Here’s David and Brandi’s video:

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