joshkristi finalHere’s an adoption update we just received from adoptive couple Josh and Kristi:

“Hello everyone,

We wanted to share the good news that we finalized our adoption with Branlin on this past Wednesday!  What a wonderful day it was!  I never imagined that I would still get as emotional over it but when the judge asked Josh and I “what has this child brought to your lives”… we both lost it.  Each and every one of you helped us to build the family that we thought we never would have and this little person has brought more joy and love to our (and our families’) lives than we ever could have hoped for!

Every smile, giggle, and scrunched up nose means more and more to us every day.  We can never thank you enough for the countless hours and dedication it took to make our little family of three!

We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With love,

Josh and Kristi”

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