rafik-mariaRafik and Maria love to travel and explore new cultures, and enjoy spending time with friends and family. They look forward to raising their children in a loving Christian home that emphasizes faith, respect, strong sense of family values, and lots of laughter, learning, snuggles and love. A young, active Christian couple, they’re excited to become first-time parents!

They’ve been married for eight years and are turning to adoption after years of unexplained infertility. They strongly believe that God’s plan for the two of them is to grow their family through adoption. Maria works from home in the health and drug research field, and Rafik is the head of an engineering team in an up-and-coming company in the Bay area.

Maria shares, “Rafik is the kindest, most selfless and intelligent man that I have ever met…he can’t wait to develop and share his intellectual imagination and creativity with our children.” About his wife, Rafik says, “In our small church community, parents approach me all the time praising Maria for her work with their kids in Sunday school. They talk to me about her creativity in coming up new ideas every week and having kids super-engaged in class.”

Rafik and Maria live in the Bay area in Northern California, and are within walking distance to many public parks, sights, educational activities, and attractions. They promise to love and cherish your baby, in a laughter-filled, stable Christian home. Rafik and Maria are excited about parenthood and would love to keep in touch with letters, photos, emails, and visits, if you’re comfortable with that.

Here’s their adoption video:


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