reading by the lakeMost of the first steps toward adoption take place at home in deciding the type of adoption God is calling you toward. Taking time, having open conversations, spending time in prayer and in the Word will all help you determine the path to take toward your child and your future.

Once you have made your decisions, you will need to begin the process of finding the professionals you need to help you. You’ll need to find those who specialize in the type of adoption you want.

For instance, if you are pursuing a domestic, newborn adoption, be sure the organization you choose works directly with their own birth mothers and has the support system in place for them. You don’t want your adoption coordinator jetting off to work on an international adoption just as your baby is due. Similarly, if you are seeking an adoption internationally, find a professional who has experience working in the country you have chosen, who has good connections, and who can walk you through the entire adoption.

Know the Facts

Before you hire anyone to help you adopt, understand what your adoption professional stands for.

Unfortunately, not all adoption agencies and professionals with Christian names or logos are actually Christian organizations. They may have been purchased by an organization and simply retained the name. Ask for a mission statement or a statement of faith if you aren’t sure.

Similarly, remember that if an organization is non-profit or for-profit should not be any determination of its values, nor does it mean that the fees are less or the service is better. State law and accounting practice often determine tax status, as well as how the company can operate in your best interest.

These tips were excerpted from Lifetime Christian Adoption Founder Mardie Caldwell’s book on Christian adoption, Called to Adoption.