young girl poses for cameraWe love getting updates from adoptive couples who’ve adopted through us! Here’s a recent email from adoptive parents Ronnie and Sandi:

“Hi Patty,

I wanted to write you and tell you Merry Christmas! Adley is growing so fast! I truly can’t believe it! She’s such a joy and the most precious baby ever! She’s counting and saying her ABC’s already! She is so smart!

She is truly a gift from God. She amazes me more and more every day! I just thought I knew what love was before Adley was born, little did I know, she is what love is! She still has the entire family wrapped around her little finger! I just cannot explain this little doll! To hear her holler “Mama, come fix the tv or Daddy, come help me”, is what we waited for!

My mom and I were talking the other day and she looked at me and said what did we do before Adley? (Keep in mind we have a huge, huge family!). Now, I barely remember those long, sad days while we were waiting! She has changed our lives and I cannot believe she is almost 3 years old!

We still send messages to her birth mom. She is doing very well! We send pictures every now and then and she loves to get the pictures to see how much Adley is growing! She is still just as sweet as she was the very first day we met her! We will always think of her as a true gift from God also!

Adley is loving Santa this year! We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Keep doing God’s work at Lifetime, you don’t realize how many lives you are blessing every day doing what you do! We love you!!! Here’s a picture of what we call ‘All of God’s grace in one tiny, precious face’!!!

-Ronnie and Sandi”

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