Stressed out that girlfriend is pregnantIf you’re a Christian teen facing an unplanned pregnancy, this is a wonderful post to share with your baby’s father:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a Christian teen is to unwisely indulge in unprotected sex before marriage. It becomes a nightmare when your girlfriend becomes pregnant. What’s going to happen to your future? How can you grow up from a boy to a man overnight and become a dad? Will you be able to pursue your dreams of college and top-paying jobs? How will you provide for your wife and baby without a proper education? It is natural to be bombarded by all these questions. But probably the most heart-wrenching, stomach-churning question of all is this: How do I tell my parents?

You may come from a devout, God-fearing family of believers and your parents are excited about God’s plan for your future. How can you now tell them that you have been sexually active and have a pregnant girlfriend? Well, as difficult as it is, you need your parents’ wisdom, love, and guidance in helping your girlfriend and you make the right decision.

Before you talk to your parents, spend some time with God in prayer. If you are yet to repent and confess your poor choices, do it now. This releases you to God’s forgiveness and His love will help you forgive yourself. He is bigger than all your problems. Ask Him to give you the courage and maturity to tell your parents about your girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Choose the right time to talk to your parents. Sit them down and tell them you have something important to share concerning your future. As you tell them the truth, be prepared to face their anger and hurt. Your parents may have great dreams for your future and this pregnancy has not only destroyed your dreams but their dreams as well. So, be patient as they vent their emotions. When everything has calmed down, ask them to help you make the right decision. Always remember that your parents have your best interests at heart and they want to see you living the life God has planned and prepared for you.

God’s grace has the power to turn your mistakes into miracles. Adoption can be seen as a God-given opportunity to be a blessing to a childless couple and to hold on to your dreams of college, work, and success. If you want to learn more about Christian adoption for your baby, please email us or call 1-800-923-6784 to find out how you can achieve your dreams while providing the best for your child.