We recently got this sweet update emailed to us from one of our birth mothers, and wanted to share it here:

“I’m writing to share the good news of the birth of my daughter! She was born weighing six pounds, 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. I was surprised that her birth was fast and painless. I was in labor for about six hours, but only two of them were at the hospital.

The adoptive couple I chose, Jeff and Lisa, arrived at the hospital in time! I was so thankful that they rushed and Lisa was able to be there in the labor & delivery room with me.  I’m so touched by the genuine power of God and His outstanding love. My labor and delivery experience couldn’t have gone better.

The hospital staff were careful and concerned with every one of us, making sure to be sensitive since my baby was going to be adopted out. My hospital stay was like that of a five-star hotel!

I can definitely say that none of this beautiful experience could have happened without Lifetime, the link in the chain of love amongst us! Thank you for who you are and the loving adoption service you provide to all. You’ve touched my life so deeply and I could never express the joy you have allowed me to have during my pregnancy. You’ll forever be a part of my heart. God Bless you all!

Thanks to Lifetime, my unplanned pregnancy was turned into a gift from God!”

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