They cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress. — Psalm 107:13

Something that many hopeful adoptive couples struggle with is fear. It might be the fear of not being chosen by a birth mother, the fear of not being able to afford adoption, or the fear of making a mistake. But when you give in to fear, it might cripple you and keep you from moving forward in your life.

Remember that you can’t trust fear. Fear is like darkness. Picture yourself going into a room that’s completely dark. You can’t see a thing. Even if you know the room well, everything seems different once the lights are out. You might imagine that you’re about to trip on something as you shuffle around trying not to hurt yourself. The reality is, nothing’s changed but your perception. This is the same room it was with the lights on. The darkness distorts things.

Fear can do the same thing if you let it. It distorts our thoughts, makes us disconnect with reality, and think about “what-ifs.” When the truth comes, it brightens our minds, similar to turning the light on in a dark room. God’s Word brings us Truth. So why choose to live in fear, when you can turn on the light just by opening a Bible?

His presence in your life will relieve fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. He will faithfully show you how to live a life that brings real joy and happiness. Fear is a liar that doesn’t quit until we speak with the light of the truth. The emptiness that aches in us can only be filled and calmed by Jesus!