Meet Taylor and Jenna, a young Christian couple in Colorado who are excited to adopt a child of any race! They have two sweet, energetic kids: a nine-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. Taylor and Jenna are blessed enough that Jenna is able to be a stay-at-home mom. This loving family of four is hoping to expand through adoption!
Christian adoptive couple Taylor and JennaTaylor and Jenna live in a gorgeous four bedroom home just south of Denver, Colorado with a yard that has plenty of room for the kids to run around and play! They enjoy playing corn hole in the backyard or heading to one of the many parks nearby. The weather in their Colorado town is gorgeous, so they love being outside.
They promise to provide your child with a great education and have already begun saving for college for their current and future children. Taylor and Jenna will also give your child a stable home filled with tons of laughs, a family who loves them fiercely, and a love for Jesus Christ. They promise to make sure your child has every tool they need in life to succeed. “We look forward to as much contact as you desire and welcoming you into our family!” Taylor and Jenna say.

Here’s Christian adoptive couple Taylor and Jenna’s adoption video:

A Loving and Young Couple from Colorado Excited to Adopt! from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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