Building Forever Families Through Him

Kyle and Jeanna were blessed to adopt a baby girl through our Christian adoption servicesAt Lifetime, we feel blessed that we’re able to get to know each adoptive couple we’re working for towards their adoption match. As we get acquainted, these couples often share with us deep-seated beliefs, fears, hopes, and dreams as they progress through their adoption journey.
Even though we start out as strangers beginning a business relationship, Lifetime Christian Adoption strongly feels that the delicate matter of creating a family is entirely different from just a business transaction.
Adoption is one of the most important decisions you can make, and one of the most sensitive. So, it makes sense to partner with an adoption agency who shares your values: people that you feel you can comfortably speak openly and with vulnerability. If you know that God is calling you to adopt a baby, finding a Christian adoption professional is crucial in making sure that every step of the adoption process is rewarding.

Christian Adoption Services

Adoptive couple admires their baby girlLifetime Christian Adoption recognizes that adoption isn’t just about growing a family, but is also about growing the family of Christ. We realize that you’re called to adoption, and will handle the adoption process and the people affected accordingly. By doing so, our Christian adoption services give you more than assistance with the adoption process and connections to birth parents. Our services also involve the ministry of building families, a task we feel is best done from a Christ-centered perspective. Lifetime believes that the matches we facilitate are something that God has intended all along.

Called to Adopt?

Adoptive couples working with Lifetime have shared that they feel blessed to have found Christian guidance through their adoption journey. “We feel comforted to know that we’re in the hands of a team following its own call to build a strong family union where children can grow and thrive in a loving Christian environment!” shares Lifetime adoptive mother, Melissa.
If you are a Christian couple and feel called to adoption, know that you will benefit from partnering with a professional who shares your faith, convictions, and desire to pursue God’s will.
Reach out to Lifetime Christian Adoption today to learn how to get started by calling us at 1-800-923-6784 or by emailing us. You can trust Lifetime to work both for you and with you, respecting the God-given call upon your life to discover the baby meant for you!