Join us in this prayer for adoptionMany hopeful adoptive parents ask Lifetime, “What do I tell people when they ask me how my adoption is going? Sometimes I wish I waited to tell my friends and family until after the adoption happens.”
Everyone handles this in their own way. While you should ask for prayer, confide in loved ones for emotional support, and help when you need it, but it’s also okay to discern who knows how much and to ask loved ones to stop bringing it up.
Better yet, it’s a fantastic opportunity to ask them to join you in praying for all aspects of your adoption-in-progress.
Here’s a beautiful reminder by author Renee Swope: “Asking for prayer isn’t about putting burdens on friends. It’s about letting them walk WITH us down a path we were never intended to walk alone.”
Lifetime’s Founder Mardie Caldwell is also adoptive mother. She strives to share the joy of adoption with others as an adoption expert, author, podcast host, and Certified Open Adoption Practitioner. She shares:
When I was waiting to become a mother through adoption, there was a prayer that I said every day. I put it in a spot that I’d see every day and reciting it really helped me. I hope it’ll help you, too. Never stop praying for your adoption! Here is the prayer:

Lord, remind me to seek You when things seem too difficult to handle on my own.
Give me patience as I wait for a birth mother to choose us.
Keep my heart, my eyes, and my mind wide open to all that You’re doing in my life.
Provide me with strength and energy today, Lord.
Help me focus and remain calm in Your peace.
Point out to me there will the time and resources to accomplish what I need to do.
Remind me to enjoy my day and to breathe deeply.
In Your love and Your time, I will discover why You’ve put me on this path.
I trust Your lead, Lord. Amen