Newborn baby gazes into her mother's eyesAdoption can be complicated: it’s full of love and joy but also loss and sadness. Adoption changes lives, creates families, and provides opportunities. It is many things to many people. Fortunately, many have picked up a pen to express their journey through words.
This beautiful adoption poem was written by Brandi, who made an adoption plan for her baby a few years ago. Brandi chose a loving adoptive family for her daughter Lily through Lifetime Adoption.

Lily was born, Jesus was there.
She was made beautiful by God’s amazing hands.
We love her so, but she had to go to a place far from us all.
She is there today, to stay, to live, with her loving parents
Chris and Mandi.
Oh, how they love her so,
We also do but God said to let her go,
and do as He says to do.
So we did though it was hard,
But she is there, and Jesus is there, in a place she is safe.
We’ll see her soon someday at least.
Lily Marie, live life to the full,
With parents and Jesus to love always.
Thank you, Lord, for adoption.
Lord thank you for your love,
The love that You give in a time of need.
The love that You give when life is hard for us all.
The love that You give when we need it the most.

Adopted children are blessed to have two families, and two mothers who love them unconditionally. One mother sacrifices her happiness to give her child the best life she can. The other is able to see her prayers of becoming a mother come to fruition. Lifetime feels fortunate to be a part of this experience with you. It’s a miracle how two families join together to show unconditional love for a child!

Would you like to learn more about choosing adoption? Just call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784, or request free info online.