Birth mother Hannah shares about her open adoption We recently had the honor of providing a platform for Hannah to share her adoption story. She was facing a nerve-wracking situation last year when she found out she was pregnant unexpectedly. Hannah contacted Lifetime Adoption and made a beautiful open adoption plan with a family she chose and met ahead of time.
Today she keeps an open adoption with the adoptive family and her daughter, who lives in Texas. She finished high school and has plans to attend school to become a speech therapist.

“I believe that all decisions are made because God has a plan which we are supposed to trust. I became a birth parent by one of God’s lessons.
I was 16 when I met a boy who showed me attention and affection. I fell in love with him right away! I didn’t know what it was like to have someone to call my boyfriend. But our relationship became verbally and emotionally abusive.
I soon found out I was pregnant by him. Once I told him, his response was that I should get an abortion. There’s no way I’d do that, so I took matters into my own hands. I decided to place my baby up for adoption. I was only 17, so I wasn’t financially stable enough to care for my baby on my own.
Hannah recounts her adoption storyI’ll admit, it’s tough hearing about mothers having jobs and going to college while still taking care of their child. This makes me think, ‘If they can do it, I could have too.’ But I believe that my daughter was placed with the parents that God had in store for her.
My education means so much to my family and me. It has been almost five years since I’ve graduated high school, and it has taken me about four years to really figure out what career path to take. I always knew I wanted to pursue something in a field that helps others. I have finally found my calling to become a speech therapist.
I want to make my family proud by making as many accomplishments as possible. My goal is to start living in an apartment while I attend college to achieve my future goals. I want to have the opportunity to make my child proud of her birth mother. By making her proud, I will be able to become a role model she can look up to. She truly is my motivation and inspiration!”

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