Hopeful adoptive parents Courtney and CraigIn recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month being in November, hopeful adoptive parents Craig and Courtney wanted to do something special. This month, they’re holding a fundraiser to bless birth mothers and plan to share general adoption information to spread adoption awareness. We are delighted to share about their adoption month outreach activities with you!
Craig and Courtney are hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for the entire month of November to honor Adoption Awareness Month. All proceeds will go directly to expecting parents who are trying to navigate difficult decisions. “So many birth parents already have children, times are tough and uncertain, and 2020 has tested everyone in some way. Please help us take just a fraction of their worries away,” the young Christian couple shares on their fundraiser page. Craig and Courtney are going to match whatever they raise, up to $500!
Craig and Courtney say, "adoption is love!"These donations go to provide the basic essentials for Lifetime birth parents. They’re used to purchase things like toothbrushes, transportation to prenatal appointments, maternity clothing, prenatal vitamins, after-birth care essential items, as well as Wal-Mart and Visa gift cards for groceries. There is no minimum amount, and even something you may think is minor could make a huge impact. Click here to learn more about their online fundraiser, “Blessing for Birth Parents with Craig and Courtney.”
Courtney and Craig will also host weekly Facebook Live events every Sunday to provide information and talk about their adoption journey. They even plan to have family members who are adoptees join as special guests, so they can spread awareness from their unique perspective. Each week there will be a different topic covered, including a friend who recently adopted and Courtney’s mom, who was adopted. If you’re interested in attending, visit Courtney’s Facebook page. She will add hashtags; things like #adoptionislove #openadoption #adoptionjourney and #hopingtoadopt.
Lastly, Courtney will be going live in a Facebook group that consists of 35k women from around the US. She plans to talk about their journey and what they have learned so far. This group is cosmetic-centered and frequently has Facebook Live events where women share their makeup routines while talking about various causes and life situations. What a great opportunity to share some info, resources, and simply let others know they aren’t alone!
You can learn more about hopeful adoptive parents Craig and Courtney from Missouri by watching their adoption video:

Outgoing Missouri Couple So Excited to Become First-time Parents Through Adoption! from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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