Is it True That “God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle”?

unplanned pregnancy as a Christian womanQuestion: “I’m pregnant, but we’re not married, and I’m so ashamed. I’m having a crisis of faith. I always thought it was true that God won’t give you more than you can handle… well, this is definitely something I don’t think I can handle! I’ve been praying over what to do. Where do I turn?!”

Answer:  Because God loves you, He knows that sometimes, He must give you more than you can handle. God allows us to be in circumstances where we don’t think we can handle it so that we come to depend on Him more! People sometimes think that they can do everything on their own. When this happens, their pride is dragging them down.

To keep us aware of our need for a Savior, God lovingly gives us a glimpse to see just how much we can handle. Here are just a couple of examples: He gave Moses 600,000 finicky travelers and He gave the 11 apostles the job of spreading the gospel all over the world. So, He’ll sometimes give you way more than you think you can handle, too. But know that as He gives you this challenge, He’s still there for you and loves you.

God has given you the power of choice in this situation. No matter what you decide for your pregnancy, God has given you this opportunity. He knows that you can make the tough decision of what’s right for you and your baby.

If you and your baby’s father don’t think you’re ready to become parents, you can still give your baby the gift of life by choosing adoption. With open adoption, you can select the adoptive parents for your baby, and decide how things go at the hospital. You can also get updates on your baby as he or she grows up if that’s what you’d like. Lifetime Christian Adoption has a large variety of faithful, pre-screened Christian couples who are ready and eager to adopt a baby.

Would you like more info on creating a modern open adoption plan? Just call or text Lifetime Christian Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 or send us an email.

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Christian Adoption Update: “She’s Our Most Wonderful Blessing!”

David and Deanna's adoption blessing!The staff at Lifetime Christian Adoption is excited to share this adorable adoption update that Christian adoptive couple David and Deanna emailed us:

“We are grateful to you all every single day of our lives! You gave us our world – the most wonderful blessing!
Thank you so much AGAIN from the bottom of our hearts. You’re the best! Still so very thankful that God guided us to Lifetime’s beautiful hands. You all are very dear to our hearts – always – what a wonderful experience! Here’s a photo of our precious 16-month-old Lifetime baby! 

We thank God numerous times a day for His plan and we will forever cherish you all in our hearts. From the many talks to the long distance hugs, shared tears, and words of encouragement and then the words of celebratory excitement, you’ve always been there for us.  We love you all!”

Here’s a photo of proud adoptive parents David and Deanna with their daughter Madison:

Proud adoptive parents David and Deanna with their daughter

If we can help you or someone you care about start on the path towards Christian infant adoption,
please share this link to our free application to adopt!

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How to Cope With Stress During Your Adoption Wait

an adoptive couple experience stress during their adoption waitMost adoptive couples face stress at some point during their adoption wait. Although not all stress is bad, much of what we experience is avoidable. To keep physically and mentally healthy, it’s very important that we learn how to deal with stress successfully.

When you’re waiting for a birth mother to contact you, stress can start to creep up. Stress that you’re not desirable as adoptive parents, or even stress that you’ll never adopt a baby. Stress causes a release of hormones in our body that gets us into a “fight or flight” mode. If you’re always in that mode, it’ll make you exhausted and sick. When the fight or flight response happens too often or goes on for too long, those same hormones can start to damage your health! Read to get Lifetime’s tips on how to cope with stress during your adoption wait.

Try Mindfulness

This word is heard a lot in the media nowadays, but what is it exactly? Mindfulness means that you’re fully present, aware of you are and what you’re doing, and not overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. It also means that you’re not thinking about the past or the present, but focused on the here and now. To do practice mindfulness, you need to slow yourself down and focus on the activity at hand.

Instead of thinking ‘I’ll be happy once we bring our baby home,’ mindfulness means to let go of any thought unrelated to the present. Instead, find something to enjoy now. For example, thank the Lord that you have a safe place to live and a roof over your head. Thank Him that you’re healthy and on the right track to becoming parents.

When you remember something stressful, move on to a more positive thought and remember to be grateful. Instead of griping that you haven’t adopted yet, practice being thankful for what you do have. When you practice gratitude and mindfulness, you’ll find that you body unwinds, your muscles relax, and your stress is released.

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing
-Proverbs 17:22

Laugh Every Day

Laughter is one of the most powerful ways to heal, and it has no side effects. It’s been proven to lower the stress hor­mones epinephrine and cortisol. Laughing will also release endorphins, which brings about a feeling of well-being throughout the whole body. Even when things happening around you might be negative, laughter helps you keep a positive attitude and remain thankful.

Studies have shown that happy people have better relationships, express empathy more easily, and can use their intelligence more effectively. Even though happy people also experience tragedy and hardship, they are better at handling it and maintaining hope for the future.

A happy heart is one of your greatest weapons against stress. Choosing a good attitude may not diminish the amount of suffering in your life or in the world, but it does help lighten the load. Creating habits of happiness, living in the moment and being grateful are some of the most powerful medicines available to help you win the battle against stress.

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Believing in God’s Love During an Unplanned Pregnancy

Read one woman's story of how she came to believe in God's love during her unplanned pregnancy10 years ago, I held a beautiful newborn baby girl in my arms. My baby girl. I was so young…15 to be exact. I was a freshman in high school, and my boyfriend had broken up with me as soon as he found out I was pregnant. The year my daughter was born was one of the hardest years of my life. Here’s my story…

Seeing that positive pregnancy test brought out a strong feeling of a lack of worth. I knew that I’d messed up and disappointed the people I loved. I was going to be a mom in a time of my life when most girls are concerned with acne and dieting. I was no longer the “good girl” I used to be.

I wondered, ‘Does God still love me?’

I felt ashamed, extremely guilty, and pretty uncertain. Being pregnant and unmarried had me feeling unredeemable, unlovable, and out of God’s good graces.

I didn’t feel God’s love. I felt alone. It was in one of those lonely moments that I took out my Bible to search for reassurance that God loved me. I believed He loved me unconditionally, but I still needed proof. I needed a reminder so I wouldn’t forget or doubt the reality of His love in my life.

I kept track of the verses that reminded me of how God loved me. After a few days, I had two college-ruled notebook pages full of Scripture to remind me of God’s love. I kept those pages with me all the time, folded up in my backpack, so I could look at them when I started to feel really alone again.

I learned to believe God’s love for me is unconditional. When I chose to have premarital sex, His acceptance of me didn’t die. His love is everlasting.

I turned to my youth pastor for guidance. I shared with her that I definitely wasn’t ready to be a mom at 15, but I didn’t believe in abortion either. She gently told me about a third pregnancy choice: adoption. At first, I just dismissed the idea. “I could never give my baby away!” I told her. But she sent me home with some info on adoption, and some booklets about couples who wanted a baby.

After lots of prayer and meditation, I came around to the idea of adoption. With adoption, I could save my baby’s life. Plus, I could bless a couple who couldn’t have a baby of their own. I picked a Christian adoptive couple in my state who are really involved in their church. I wanted my daughter to grow up in the church like I had. And I chose to have an open adoption, meaning that I got updates on her as she grew up. I was even able to fly out and visit her every year.

I wanted to share my story so that you don’t feel alone if you’re in a similar situation right now. Believe in His unconditional love for you, even if you’ve turned against His way.

We love because He first loved us
-1 John 4:19

God loves you unconditionally and doesn’t wait for you to come to Him with your life all figured out. Here’s a quick prayer:

Dear Father,
At times, I struggle to believe You love me and You can save my story, the way it’s gone so far. I want to be exactly who You created me to be. Give me the assurance to believe in Your love for me and Your plan for my life.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Breaking Free from Fear During Your Adoption

Learn how to make your Christian Adoption happenWhen you’re waiting for a birth mother to choose you, fear may start to creep in. Fear that your adoption will never happen, fear that you’re not doing all you can to make it happen. Fear is a powerful force that Satan uses against us to try and paralyze us from receiving the will of God in our lives. The more attention we give to fear, the power it’ll have over our lives.

What I feared has come upon me;
what I dreaded has happened to me.
-Job 3:25 (NIV)

As this verse shows, the more you think about fear, the greater chance it has at controlling your life. So what’s the best cure for fear? Faith!

Although you can’t do anything to keep the enemy from bringing thoughts of fear, you can choose what you think about. Through the words you speak and your faith, you can overcome Satan’s attacks.

Fear is the force that draws Satan’s will into our lives, and faith is the force that draws God’s will into our lives. For your fearful mindset to be cleared, your thinking will need to be renewed. God loves you and wants to free you, but you need to have faith first.

…without faith it is impossible to please God…
-Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)

Once you recognize that fear is playing an active role in your life, you can take a stand against it. Refuse Satan’s fears and choose to have faith in God’s Word. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you right now, believe that good things are coming. He will honor your faith and help you to develop a positive perspective and to start speaking the promises of God. In order to keep the devil off of your back, you need to act in faith instead of reacting in fear.

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“We Thank God Every Day for Him!”

Here’s a beautiful adoption update that Adoption Coordinator Veronica was emailed from Christian adoptive couple Dustin and Crystll:

Dustin and Crystll's precious baby boy

“Karsin is almost three months old and we’re still in awe that he is here! Karsin is growing like a weed at almost 10 pounds, far cry from his NICU lowest of 5.8, and 22 inches long! He loves to talk, giggle, watch the puppy and seeing all the visitors he has had since we got home!!

While waiting was the hardest thing, we know now that this is why we had to wait, there was a bigger plan and we are soo blessed. Thank you, soo much to Lifetime for everything! Thank you to Patty for helping while we were in the wait, and thank you, Veronica, for everything you helped us, and Karsin’s birth parents, with. Our relationship with them is great and we thank God every day for them!

Much love from our very full hearts!❤️”

If we can help you or someone you care for,
share this link to our free application to adopt!

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How to Deal With a Crisis of Faith During an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you’ve found yourself pregnant at the worst possible time, you might be facing a crisis of faith. It’s common for Christian women who are pregnant unexpectedly to wonder if this truly is a part of God’s plan for their lives. If you find yourself in this spot, rest assured that it’s okay to question where God is in all of this, because God is surely great enough to bear the burden of your uncertainty. God knows what is in your heart, and God can lead you to the answers that you seek– all in God’s perfect time.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. Lifetime has worked with many women who struggled with their faith while they were considering adoption. It’s OK to question where God is in your life right now. Isn’t He great enough to bear the burden what you’re going through? Remember, God knows what’s in your heart, and He will lead you to the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking about adoption for your baby, you might have gotten some pretty rude comments from nosy busybodies. They say things like “if God didn’t want you to become a mother, He wouldn’t have allowed you to get pregnant.” Wow!

Know that God doesn’t wish for His children to become victims. However, the gift of free will means we’ll sometimes become the victim of our own actions. When we’re victimized, God responds to our cries for help. He can bring miracles, in a big way! Just think about open adoption: you’re able to choose life while at the same time giving your baby the upbringing you wish for him or her. And, a couple who can’t conceive are blessed with a child.

When you’re ready to take a step forward in faith and learn about adoption for your baby, call Lifetime Christian Adoption at 1-800-923-6784.

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What Does the Bible Say About Adoption?

Discover what the Lord has to say about adoptionSome wonder what the Bible has to say about adoption. Let’s take a look today at God’s view of a family unit and His plan for children:
Adoption is legal (and Biblical)

Adoption was around during Biblical times as a legal option. Per the Lord’s Word, an adopted child became a legitimate heir to the father’s estate. They were treated as one ‘born into’ their new family!

We can see many examples of adoption in the Bible: Moses’ adoption by Pharaoh’s daughter, Esther’s adoption by her cousin Mordecai, and of course, Joseph’s acceptance of Jesus as his son. And, God adopted the entire tribe of Levi as His own. The Bible doesn’t indicate any difference between the roles and responsibilities an adopted child or biological one. In the eyes of God and the eyes of the law, adoptive families are ‘real’ families.

The facts of adoption
Children adopted into families are no different legally than a biological child.  However, the relationships and similarities that form are usually nothing short of a miracle. “My adopted son couldn’t look more different from me: he’s very slender, over 6 feet tall, and quite fair.  But we have so many things in common – similar habits, personalities, and laughs.  When I look at my son, I know deep in my soul that God meant for us to be together,” shares Lifetime’s Founder & adoptive mom, Mardie Caldwell.

Spiritual importance of adoption
Romans 8:15–17, 23 and Galatians 4:4–7 tell us that all believers are children of God and they are heirs through adoption. So, each one of us is a part of God’s adoptive family. To describe His relationship with believers, God uses adoption as a beautiful metaphor. This allows us to call Him “Abba”, which is Aramaic for Daddy and expresses the closeness of children with their fathers. As Ephesians 1:5 puts it, “He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will.”

Adoption creates spiritual and legal families, which are completely real in the eyes of the law and the eyes of God.

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The Cure for Disappointment? Read the Word of God

We encourage you to read the Word of God if you get discouraged in your adoptionI am the Lord, the God of every person on the earth. Nothing is impossible for Me.
— Jeremiah 32:27

When you’re dealing with a major disappointment in your life such as a failed adoption, you need to be aware that God is still in control. You need to know that it’s not over until He says so.

Life’s accidents and difficulties are not a reason to bail; they’re simply a reason to wait.

If you’re wondering how you’ll handle discouragement or cure for disappointment, go back and read the Word of God. Then read again. You’ll get reminded that you aren’t the first person to mourn. And, you’re not the first one to be helped.

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you; in His love He will no longer rebuke you,
 but will rejoice over you with singing.
— Zephaniah 3:17

This verse reminds us that God is on our side, cheering for us. When you’re too tired to keep waiting for your adoption to happen, He’ll carry you. If you’re too discouraged to keep up with your adoption paperwork, He’s picking you up.

The bottom line is this: God is in control. Throughout eternity He’ll remain in control. And, especially, our great God also loves us!

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“If adoption is part of God’s plan, are infertility and unplanned pregnancy too?”

is unplanned pregnancy part of God's plan?The idea of adoption goes back to the Old Testament, in the story of Moses (Exodus 2:10), Genubath (1 Kings 11:20), and Esther (Esther 2:7). Ephesians 1:5 shares with us that God willed us in love to be adopted as His children through Jesus Christ, “in accordance with God’s pleasure and God’s will.”

In the era of the New Testament, the Romans, Greeks, and Babylonians had carefully-dictated standards and rituals for adoption. Their loving and sacrificial connotations of adoption can be seen in Scriptural references of adoption as a form of salvation and grace.

But some ask “if adoption is part of God’s plan, are infertility and unplanned pregnancy too? We say that God’s plan is perfect, but how do reproductive issues fit into that plan?”

It can be difficult to compare these issues to the concept of a loving, kind God whose desire as a parent is to shield His children from harm! We have to accept that even when God compassionately hears and understands our questions, His answers may seem slow to arrive.

We would never be so bold as to try to speak for our Creator. Based on our years of dedicated service in adoption, however, this is how we understand it.

Most Christians believe that God’s plans are not meant to be understood by humans, even though we try so hard to make sense of things that seem to go against what we’d hoped for. Here is where FAITH is important: trust God’s promise to reveal His purposes. Most people of faith believe that God has given human beings free will. Because of this, our plans can go in ways that God wouldn’t have chosen for us. And yet, God is with us in the face of every challenge!

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