How to Stay Inspired During Your Adoption Wait

The weather is nasty outside, and you're just aching to hold your baby in your arms. I've been there, and there were times it seemed like we'd never adopt. I had to find a way to keep myself inspired and motivated to reach my goal of being a mommy through adoption. I...

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Help for Your Season of Waiting on the Lord

Waiting for the blessing of a baby can be discouraging and exhausting. Maybe you've only been waiting to become parents through adoption for a few weeks or months. Maybe you've been waiting for years, and have turned to adoption after failed fertility treatments.    ...

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Praising the Lord, Even on Bad Days

Lifetime Christian Adoption's Founder Mardie Caldwell has a favorite devotional book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. From time to time, we cite passages from this book to help you on your adoption journey. Today's passage is actually from Sarah Young's "Jesus Today for...

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