Once you have made the decision to adopt, there are days when it may seem as though things are not moving along as perfectly as expected. There may be snags, hold ups, or maybe more serious issues such as a birthmother changing her mind or simply not selecting you to parent her child.  These are just a few of the worries that potential adoptive parents may face. While these obstacles may feel like they can’t be overcome, the truth is that they are not stronger than the power of prayer.

As a potential adoptive parent, you have to believe in your prayers and that, through them, you will be victorious in your quest to adopt.

Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.   James 5:13

Some couples have spent the greater part of their marriage trying to conceive a child on their own. Along with that struggle came tears, fear, and heartache from a growing concern that they may not achieve a successful pregnancy.  Through these trials, many couples find strength through their faith and prayers.  Similarly, God needs to play a central role in your adoption journey.

Having confidence in your prayer means holding on to the promises that God has made. It means reaching deep within yourself, putting your doubts aside, and exercising faith that your petitions will not be in vain. Spiritual strength is more valuable than most realize. At its core are hope, love, and faith. Knowing that God can help you and give you the desires of your heart can provide a family with everything that they need to have the patience to wait until they receive their adoption blessing.

One day, your family will be blessed with a child. When it happens, you will be eternally grateful. You will bask in the beauty of your new child and your family. But, you will also have grown, individually and as a family, because you will have a much greater belief and confidence in God, and the power of prayer.