pregnant woman looking sadI was cast upon You from birth.

From My mother’s womb

 You have been My God.[1]

God had His eyes on you even as you were being formed in your mother’s womb. It is every young girl’s nightmare to discover that one moment of passion has left her entire future hanging in the balance. If you are a pregnant teen, take heart that God is near you now even though He may seem to be the last person to want to help you. When we stay away from God’s intended plan and purpose for our lives, it causes us to make irreversible decisions that lead to a lot of pain, hurt, and loss. But, when we repent with all our heart and trust in Him, He will surround us with people we can trust, who have our best interests at heart, and who will lead is in God’s Word.

Your parents are probably the biggest gift God can give you in this situation. As a pregnant teen, you may be afraid and hesitant of telling your parents the truth about your pregnancy. It is worse when your parents have no idea that you are sexually active, leave alone pregnant. But, right now, you need responsible adults who will help you make wise decisions, and your parents are best suited for that role. An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, if not devastating, for both you and your immediate family. But, Gods wants to protect both you and your baby and ensure that His purpose for your lives is fulfilled.

Here are a few tips on breaking the news to your parents and seeking their help and guidance in your moment of confusion and heartbreak about your pregnancy:

  • Choose a quiet time when your parents are ready to listen, without the possibility of distractions.
  • Be honest as you tell them about your pregnancy. Don’t try to rationalize it or justify your actions, but genuinely seek forgiveness for the hurt you are causing.
  • Allow your parents to express their emotions – it is natural for them to be angry, hurt, confused, and shocked. Give them the time and space they need to digest what they have heard from you.
  • As the emotions settle down, talk to your parents and seek their wisdom in handling your pregnancy – discuss the options available to you and be mature in weighing the pros and cons of every option.
  • After prayerful discussion and consideration, make your decision and ensure your parents are in support of your decision.

Our parents may not be the easiest of people to share our problems with. But, no one else can love and care for us as much as they do. Don’t be afraid of getting their help in handling your pregnancy. If you are considering adoption, caring Adoption Coordinators at Lifetime Christian Adoption are here to help you. They’re a great resource as you explore your options, and they can connect you to talk to other birth mothers. Please call today: 1-800-923-6784.

[1]The New King James Version., Ps 22:10-11 (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982).

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