Mother scolding her teen daughter, who wonders can my parents make me get an abortionIf you’re a pregnant teen, you may be scared and unsure if you’re ready to be a mom, but yet you don’t want an abortion. Your parents are furious, and they want you to get an abortion. Because you’re a minor and still living at home, you might wonder, “Can my parents make me get an abortion?”

Your Body, Your Decision

Even though you’re young, no one can make you have an abortion if you don’t want one. Your parents can’t force you to have an abortion unless you’re in some kind of medical emergency.
Medical providers only do abortions on women who choose to have one. Even though you’re a teen, you still have the right to make your health choices, whether you choose abortion, adoption, or parenting.
If you’re a Christian, you may feel strongly against abortion. Think about what’s right for you. Get advice from others. Pray, but ultimately, only you can decide which of the three choices you’ll make.

Three Pregnancy Choices

If you’re a young pregnant woman, you have three choices. You can become a mom and raise your child, or you can choose abortion or adoption.
We encourage you to pray and ask God for guidance in your decision. Talk to a trusted adult like your pastor or a teacher for help with your decision. Express your fears and concerns about each decision. Ultimately, the choice is yours. What might help in making the decision is asking yourself these questions:

  • Can I live with my choice?
  • Will I regret making this choice in ten years?
  • Am I feeling guilty about making this choice? Why?
  • Am I trying to please my parents, my friends, or my church by making this decision?
  • Is this the choice I feel like God’s telling me to make?


Consider if you’re ready to raise a baby. Depending upon how old you are, raising a baby could totally change your life goals. Are you ready to be responsible for a baby?
Statistically, teen moms are poor, are less apt to get married, and are less educated. Being a young single mom is challenging, especially if you don’t have your parents’ support. Teen pregnancy situations are difficult. Surround yourself with supportive people who will give you Godly advice. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength no matter what you choose.


Many young women who find themselves pregnant believe that abortion is the easiest route. Sadly, abortion may feel like an easy choice, but it can lead to years of regret and grief.
Teen pregnancy is especially difficult, and you can feel pressure from friends and family to get an abortion. Researchers have found that there can be psychological effects of having an abortion. You may feel sad or guilty. It’s normal to have mixed feelings about getting an abortion. It’s all part of making the decision, weighing the options.
Another factor in making your decision to have an abortion is the potential physical side effects. Some women feel nauseous, have diarrhea, vomit, or experience abdominal pain. You can have cramping or spotting. Abortion does have some serious complications for some women, including:

  • Infection
  • Heaving bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Cervix damage
  • Unable to terminate pregnancy

Talk with your health professional about the risks and side effects you may experience. It would help if you also talked with the doctor doing the abortion to be sure you understand the procedure and how it will affect you.
As a Christian, you know that God speaks to you through reading scripture, prayer, and counsel. Be sure you do these things before you decide to get an abortion.


Adoption is another option. You may not know this about adoption, but today’s adoptions allow you many choices for you and your baby. Your choices include:

  • Selecting your baby’s adoptive family
  • Whether you want to meet them or not
  • If you’ll stay in touch with them and your child
  • How things will go during your hospital stay when it comes time for you to deliver

As you can see, you have many choices with open adoption today. Open adoption gives you the option to establish a relationship with the adoptive family you choose.
After the adoption, you can choose to receive updates on your child in various ways. A few of these ways include phone calls, emails, pictures, social media, Skype, or meeting up for visits. It’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with.
Adoption also allows you to decide what happens at the hospital. Who do you want in the delivery room with you? Do you want to spend time alone with your baby?
With adoption, you don’t have to say goodbye unless you want to. It’s a way for you to know you’ll see your child even when they’ve grown into adults.

Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

If you’re facing an unplanned teen pregnancy, as hard as it may seem right now, you must decide what you’re going to do. Like any pregnant woman, you have three options: parenting, abortion, or adoption.
Seek God’s wisdom. Ask your Christian friends and pastor to pray for you. Whether you choose to parent, get an abortion, or make an adoption plan, it’s entirely your decision for your life.